Ronn Torossian’s Career as a PR Pro

Ronn Torossian is one of America’s top public relations experts. While the status he has achieved for himself is beyond remarkable, there has been a long journey and uncountable experiences that he has had to be where he is. It all started back in 1998 when Torossian started his career at PR, working for G.S Schwartz. His work was to run accounts including DHL, Clinique, and many more. After working for G.S Schwartz for a while, he switched to MWW group. Here again, he managed accounts for Marriott Hotels, Hard Rock Café, etc.

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After working for these firms, he decided and founded 5WPR in 2003. It is quite a true thing that a person’s natural traits help him do great in his career. Ronn Torossian’s extraordinary skills at being able to convince people why they should work with him and deliver best of results was something everyone talked about. A number of well-known clients have left remarkable testimonials about their experience working with him. Some others wouldn’t fail to mention how zealous and passionate he would be and how it would reflect in his work.

After starting 5WPR and developing it into a successful PR firm, Torossian spent significant amount of time sharing his stories and his advice with PR aspirants. Ever since he has started 5WPR, he has been engaging in vigorously forming best of public relations through advertising, marketing, and whatnot. As he says, what drives him to work every day with the same amount of passion is- knowing every day is a new day and needs a fresh start. He does not let his past accomplishments make him work any less hard. He primarily focuses on results.

His hard work has not just helped him achieve career growth, but also has blessed him with various rewards. He has been named in the list of “40 under 40” by PR Week. Besides this, he has also won an award for being the Public Relations Executive of the Year by American Business Awards.

Other than being the CEO of 5WPR, Ronn Torossian is also a partner, Advisory Board Member, and in fact even the Chief Marketing Officer of JetSmarter. He also makes time for a number of activities besides work. He speaks at various universities and colleges to educate people more about public relations. He is also a member of the ‘Young Presidents Organization’.

Ronn Torossian also works for a number of nonprofit organizations. He has his own foundation called ‘Ronn Torossian Foundation’ through which he donates to hospitals, educational institutions, and other such bodies that need charity. All of the activities that Ronn Torossian performs at work and outside of work make him an able and remarkable PR expert.