Must Read Books by Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow is an attorney and Chief Counsel at American Center for Law and Justice. He has had a remarkable experience at voicing for people fighting for their freedom of speech and preserving religious rights. Using his vast experience and passion for human rights, Jay Sekulow has written a number of books that talk about different issues that the world is being bombarded with. Here’s a list of books that Jay Sekulow has written.

freedom of religious practices

  1. Witnessing their faith

Witnessing their faith is a book that encompasses the past, present and future course of religious freedom in America. Right from the time when the Church used to be the main institution of the nation to the times when it took a complete turn, there’s a lot that shaped the church-state relations and laws related to it. Jay Sekulow has analyzed and mentioned historical cases where the religious faith and beliefs of the Supreme Court Justices have impacted the rulings of the case. This makes it a detailed book that is based on critical historical analysis leading to present religious law scenario in America.

  1. Rise of ISIS

Right from the time ISIS was born and was infamous to today; ISIS has been a direct threat to the Christian population. However, the rest of the world falls prey to ISIS too. Jay Sekulow talks about the threats that ISIS holds for the entire world and how ISIS can cause the biggest form of genocide ever. He also holds first hand experiences pertaining to ISIS and other Jihadists which he mentions in the book in grave details. The book is gripping for anyone who would want to gain a realistic insight into what ISIS is.

  1. From intimidation to victory

Christians have for a long time been cut off from their beliefs and freedom of religious practices. Ever since the state and church became two different institutions, there has been a lot going against freedom to practice one’s beliefs. However, being an attorney himself- who fights for freedom of speech and religious freedom, Jay brings positive news through this book. The positive news is that for people whose voices have been unheard for years, the suppressing forces are finally submitting and there’s a hopeful and impactful change coming around.

  1. And nothing but the truth

And nothing but the truth is yet another must read that is based on religious freedom. Jay Sekulow has mentioned a number of real-life cases where Americans have struggled to safeguard their religious rights and freedom. This book is based on real-life analysis that gives people a reality check and gives the book a practical edge. It also talks about the current restrictions placed on religious rights and how to go about breaking those irrational restrictions.