Jay Sekulow is the best advocate in Supreme court

Jay Sekulow has passed several years in Supreme court because of his experience and brilliance. The most familiar magazine in America has put forward his name as he is one among the Most influential Evangelicals. Another familiar magazine has recognized Jay Sekulow as in past thirty years he is said to be as one among the ninety greatest Washington lawyers. Jay Sekulow has admitted to Townhall Magazine to enter into Townhall of Fame it means that he is one among the leading lawyers in America. He has been shortlisted in Public Sector forty-five among many young lawyers. He has been additionally said to be as one among the hundred most influential lawyers in America. Due to his protest against religious liberty made him more familiar and also it intended him to open his offices in various parts of the world.

brilliance of Jay Sekulow

The brilliance of Jay Sekulow

He strongly believes that the rights for religious freedom are equal for each and every person in the world. He is the founder of SCLJ  at Russia and EClJ at France. He has devoted his life to protect the national security and to fought against worldwide religious freedom. The Israel security is fully based upon the national security of America this was the strong belief of him. To put forward Israel’s national security reason he has appeared at Hague international Criminal court. In the Point of view of Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Jay Sekulow has fought for the freedom of Israel in his all walks of life. He is also a professor to teach his students about the history of Supreme court and the law of the constitution. His passion for training the young religious liberties advocates at Regent University is increased day by day. He has got a bachelor degree and as well as jurisprudence doctorate at Mercer University. He has made a dissertation on the history of American legal history and he had earned Ph.D. at Regent University. In the Historical Society of Supreme court, he has made as a member of the board of Trustees. He has been said to be as the most familiar speaker for religious speech.