With the technology getting more advanced these days, people are relying more on the convenience that it brought to make their lives easier, unlike before, sending a message needs a lot of processes just like sending a beeper message where you have to call its operator just to send a one-liner but nowadays, you can send messages as many as you want to people, group in the palm of your hands.

download a LAN messenger application

Local Area Network or LAN messenger has become the primary tool of communication for a lot of people around the world aside from calling and texting. LAN messenger is an instant messaging software program that is mainly designed for a single local area network. It was first used as the primary source of communication in many social media network sites and applications until a lot of people appreciated its convenience and its cutting edge over texting and other means of sending messages because of its ability to form a group messaging box or chat box, can call a person, a group and can even do video calls and can send large files just like Softros Systems, a LAN messenger application that is also widely used by many. It runs on a secure server which has an offline messaging capability and is completely safe because of its AES encryption algorithm security measures.

What makes it more remarkable is that it is free. All you need to do is to download a LAN messenger application to your phone or at your computer and handheld devices. LAN messenger is considered an instant messaging application which has been become a trend and widely used by many to contact friends, family, colleagues, groups which are best known for its ease of use and its capability to receive an immediate reply making it very popular in the community.

People love to use LAN messengers because it’s ease of use and its basic functionality to send private messages as well as transferring files, creating chat rooms for groups and can even be fun while sending messages because of its graphical smileys and Graphics Interchange Format or GIFS to create more emotion while chatting and sending messages. Unlike other messaging programs where you are required to register for an account and subscription and additional fees for using calls and video calls, LAN messenger is completely free and can use both audio and video calls for free.

Making it more advantageous over other messaging platforms is that it does not require a central server, which only allows the people within the firewall to have access to its system.