Softros LAN Messenger – user-friendly LAN messaging platform

Softros LAN messenger is the user-friendly LAN messaging platform which are treating the users for secure, safe and the effective intra-office communication. It is very easy and fasts the installation and the set-up. There is no requirement for the server to run the software.

This messenger is integrated with a number of functionalities which are very useful. This also includes PC-to-PC messaging, broadcast messaging, group LAN chat rooms, instant notification for specific individuals and the groups for the event. It is also coming with the drag and the drop file transfer facility which is very faster. This is efficiently exchanging the folders and the files between the staff members.

LAN chat rooms

All the files and the messages which are facilitated within the system are all encrypted securely and will be never going outside from the local company network. This will also ensure the no unauthorized person would be able to access your any of your private correspondence. All the critical information would be very safe and secure.

Overview and benefits of Softros LAN Messenger

when you are exchanging the information between your colleagues and engaging with your managers in the discussion which are related to work. There is no need to get conscious of the security of the information which is being passed around. The team can freely able to talk about the work without thinking of accessing the unauthorized parties who can access the conversations and steal the information.

With LAN chat software all of your data and the conversations are very safe. With AES 256 the data would be encrypted and are working very strictly within the network of the company. This will empower the employees to discuss freely and chat about the work. This will also discourage them from a conversation with the people outside of the organizations.

With Softros Lan software you get the benefit to save the bandwidth of the internet and also decrease the number of firewalls that you have used for your systems thereby preventing attacks from IM worms and hackers too. The interface of the software is very intuitive and simple to use without any sort of training. You can customize and configure the system easily without the help of an IT support guy. After setting up the software becomes your own chat server.