Here’s What You Need to Know About Bail Bonds Agents Beforehand

Before you seek the assistance of a bail bond firm, you have to collect some basic information about the individual whom you’re trying to bail out. That includes the name of the jail, booking number, and name. This article aims to answer all other questions you might have about partnering with a bail bond company.

Bail Bond Firm for Cash Bonds

You Can’t Employ a Bail Bond Firm for Cash Bonds.

There are numerous kinds of bails. If the court has asked for a cash bond, you can’t discuss with a company. You need to post the bail yourself in certified funds or cash. You may be able to work with bail agents for a property bond. That’s where the courts agree to have a property deed instead of cash. You could always work with a bail bond company if courts have asked for the surety bond.

You Are Responsible If the Offender Doesn’t Appear in Court.

If you work with a bail bond company, you carry the burden if that person doesn’t appear in a trial. When you’re agreeing to carry the responsibility, you have to sign a promissory note and it states that you carry the financial responsibility for the amount of the bail bond if that person fails to appear in court.

You Can Collect the Bail Refund.

To learn why you have to sign the promissory note, it helps to understand the basics of how bail bonds work. Whether a bail bond agent or client settles the bail, it acts as the financial leverage. If the person appears in court, the court reimburses the money. If the client failed to appear, the court gets the chance to keep the money. If bail bond firms have posted bails, the company doesn’t want to lose that money. Because of this, they make you accountable for settling that debt. In addition to the bail amount you might have to cover fees related to collection charges, rates that bail agents pay to a bounty hunter to find the accused person and other related expenses.

You Will Not Be Compensated the Bail Bond Fee.

Bail bond organizations help you cover bail amounts that you can’t afford on your own, but they don’t offer this service for free. Usually, they ask for a percentage of the full bail bond amount. Whether the accused person shows up for court trials or not, this amount is non-refundable. If you settle this money on behalf of a relative or friend who has been arrested, you need to consider it as a loan or gift; still, it’s up to you to have your loved ones repay all the expenses. The bail bond company isn’t involved.

The promissory note isn’t the only file that you have to sign. With most bail bond agencies, you need to sign an indemnity agreement. Indemnity points out to compensation for permanent losses. When you sign this agreement, you pledge to not make the bail bond company liable for any damages that you incur. Visit bail bonds Orange County for more information!