Which is Better: ASUS ROG Maximus VIII vs ASUS ROG Maximus IX

ASUS has been in this business for quite a while now. This is the company who has created the best products that have made every computer owner at par with the rapid rise in technology. Currently, they have two of the best motherboards in the market today. And as expected these two always belong to the top ranks of the most outstanding motherboards there is.

the best motherboards

            According to InnoReviews, ASUS ROG Maximus VIII and ASUS ROG Maximus IX are two of the high-quality motherboards offered by this company. These are the best motherboards for gaming. So let us look at the difference between these two and compare their features. We will see what makes one different and better than the other.

ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula Z170

            If you are a gamer, your computer needs the ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula Z170. This can provide you with a different gaming experience. The design is very well-thought of. The black color with the little shades of silver makes its appearance look clean. What makes this motherboard unique is the RGB LED bulbs. These are distributed around the board shield as well as on the heat sinks. It allows the user full control of the color scheme. There are 28 LED bulbs in the motherboard making it easy to change the color of the motherboard in seconds. This is though ROG Aura Software and also the RGB strip header.

ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula Z270

            This is the best choice for the Intel the Intel 7th generation Kabylake processors. This is the next best thing to the Maximus VIII Formula. This has the similar looks to the VIII but it comes with some enhancements. The changes include the motherboard headers which provides water cooling support. There is also this rear I/O shield which can provide the CPU with backplate protection. Another slot was added to the USB 3.1 header and also the M.2 slot for easy access in the front when using 3D printing templates.

The Verdict

The Overall, ASUS ROG Maximus VIII, and ASUS ROG Maximus IX especially when it comes to appearance. But because of the additional features on the Maximum IX, it makes the new motherboard more advanced than the Maximus VIII. but whichever you choose for your computer, both can help your PC perform at its best. They are both designed for gaming purposes. So no matter what you choose, it’s a win-win situation.