Treatment for ulcer

Nowadays more number of people is suffering from various digestive disorders. Due to unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, alcohol and cigarettes, maximum number of people develops various forms of ulcer. Commonly ulcer is a very small sore in the stomach lining or beyond the stomach in the initial part of the intestine which is called as duodenum. Once the sore occurs it is eroded and deepened by the effect of acidic gastric juices to form an ulcer. Generally ulcer affects all age group people and are widely both in men and women.

 The treatment for ulcer is commonly made combining two methods.  Major change in the lifestyle of the individual suffering from ulcer is the first method. Fight against ulcer with the help of medication and treatment is the second method. The most general method of treating duodenal or gastric ulcers are mucosal protective agents, proton pumps and some drugs which block H2 virus. There are also some cases where the medication will not work for an ulcer; surgery is the other method of treatment for them.

The important medications which are used in treating this ulcer are proton pump inhibitors, H2 blockers, and agents which protect the mucus. The initial medication in treating the ulcer reduces the amount of acid in your stomach. If you take few dose of this medication every day before you go to sleep, the ulcer can be cured in about few months. The next medicine used to treat ulcer has the role to quit the production of acid in your stomach. It is very powerful than the H2 blockers. It can easily cure duodenal ulcer in two weeks. This drug is a best alternative to the ulcer patients whose other treatment does not work.

The final drug use to treat ulcer is for completely protecting the mucus membrane of the stomach from the acid. Some antibiotics are used for ulcer, but if you have a bacterial infection only. The percentage of this ulcer is very high if the antibacterial treatment is not used. There are also some types of therapies also used for treating ulcer. There are mainly two kinds of therapies used against ulcer, they are dual and triple therapy. The triple ulcer therapy includes the medicine metronidazole, everyday four times, also tetracycline and Pepto-Bismol. This treatment for ulcer lasts for 14 days. It has a 90 percent rate of effectiveness in killing the bacteria which mainly caused the ulcer. This ulcer treatment is very effective among all the other because it completely reduce the risk factors of ulcer. The next therapy for ulcer has only two drugs prolosec and amoxcilin. This therapy for ulcer also lasts for 14 days, but it has only minimum of 80 percent effectiveness.

Bleeding ulcer is the dangerous ulcer; it can cause death also for some cases. This type of ulcer needs immediate treatment and medication and in many cases it can be only treated through surgery. Surgeries are performed in order to treat these ulcers are done by means of gastroscope.