Stages Of Software Development

With the pace at which technology has made a progress, software development has gained a lot of importance. When we talk about the electronic devices that we use, like phones and computers; they would be lifeless without software. This is why sound software development is very important. While developing any software, there are 6 basic stages that help us start and finish developing software. Here’s what those steps are-

developing software

  1. Planning

Any software that you try to develop has a purpose. There is a well thought idea and concept behind the software. This is why the very first step is planning on your idea. This rough plan will make sure every other step you follow pertains to the purpose of your software. Your initial planning also helps you figure what are the pros and cons of developing this software. It gives you an idea about what can be the obstacles and how to overcome them. While you can also go about a project without planning, but except it to be a very slow progress if you do so.

  1. Analyzing

Any project that is left to be watched at the end would only mean an accumulation of modifications that have to be made. This is why, every small stage that your software development goes through, you need to analyze. When you make analysis, you can figure out what changes can be brought so that your project moves to the next step.

  1. Designing

Once you are done with the step of analysis, you move to the next step. In the third stage of software development, you decide the architecture of the project. This is like laying the foundation of your software and giving it a base. You set a very specific standard and based on this standard, get rid of all the flaws that are there. Once you set a standard, your aim would be to stick to this standard.

  1. Developing and implementing

While all the above mentioned steps help you build a blueprint, this is where you actually start the process of software development. Using all the data that you have collected through the other 3 stages, you develop the software. After you design the software, it goes through the process of implementation. Here, the software is put through a test running to see if it functions properly.

  1. Testing

When you reach the testing stage, you try to make a critical assessment and look for bugs in your software. If there are any bugs or errors, you go about correcting them.

  1. Maintenance

The last stage of software development is maintenance. Here, what you do is keep upgrading your software from time to time based on what upgradation is needed. As time changes, so do the demands of people using a software. This is why you have to keep updating your software and give people what they want.

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