It is a pretty hard task to juggle recreational weed habits and your career considering that many companies require their employees to undergo mandatory drug testing annually.

            Unfortunately, despite the public clamor to legalize marijuana and cannabis, there are only nine states in north America that makes recreational marijuana and medicinal marijuana as legal while the rest of the other states still consider it illegal and banned which could land a user a termination from work or even jail time if they fail the mandatory drug testing despite the countless medical studies and conclusions that prove marijuana to be non-harmful compared to alcohol, nicotine and cocaine.

detoxifying effects

            Making it worse is that marijuana is considered to be the most difficult to be flushed out from your system that is why pharmaceutical companies that support the legalization of marijuana and cannabis developed something beneficial for marijuana users. No matter how qualified you have, no matter how many PhD’s you earned, if you tested positive in marijuana then you are instantly scratched out of the list of candidates for employment.

            This comes in a form of liquid, or rather a drink that helps the body in detoxification and flush out all the remaining traces and residues of marijuana from your system which will help you become clean and ready ahead for the pre-employment drug testing and the annual employment drug testing.

            It earned a lot of praise to a lot of people especially those who supports the legalization of marijuana. It is available in the market which is labelled as cleansing supplements which is made from different herbs and comes as an energy drink packed in a bottle.

            Its effects include frequent urination and regular bowel movement which makes you visit the bathroom more frequent than ever because of its detoxifying effects. Some say that drinking this kind of detox drink a week ahead of their mandatory drug test is the best and the most effective way to come out clean after the drug test. Some even drink a month ahead if they are heavy blunt hitters.

            There are different types of drug testing, one of the most common is urine analysis while others include, blood, hair and saliva which are all considered effective in its own ways.

            Despite being pricey where each bottle costs up to $60-dollars above but a lot of people are still patronizing detox drinks for weed because of its benefits and leaves no traces of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which is the substance found in cannabis and marijuana.