The Rising Trend of Environmental Friendly Baby Products

Being a parent to a toddler or a new born is always a tough job for you want to give your baby the best. With the quality of baby toiletries becoming questionable today how does one decide that is high on quality and as natural as possible? Hence it is always recommended to choose products that have a maximum of natural ingredients. This helps you keep the baby safe by protecting them from the harmful chemicals used for the manufacturing of the regular baby products. Apart from this the products are easy on the environment also in the long run as most of them are reusable and recyclable. There are many brands like Imse Vimse available today that continuously strive to provide environment friendly baby products.

Friendly Baby Products

The brand was founded in the year 1988 in Sweden approximately 30 years ago Marie Walleberg in her endeavor to provide the best health care for her daughter. At the time of inception the company was known for its eco friendly dippers that were equally soft on the skin and the environment. After almost about three decades the company has successfully diversified its products range holding on to their vision of creating products that minimize the environmental impacts. Imse Vimse today is known for producing environment friendly reusable textile products. The company now not only caters to the baby needs but also has products suitable for the women as well. Over the years the company’s distributor network has grown to substantially and cater to customers in more than 50 countries.

Washable diapers

One of the best selling and flagship products of the company is their washable diapers designed with 100% PU covers and organically cultivated cotton. The diapers are easy to use, easy on the environment and help save a lot of money in comparison to the regular diapers. Manufacturers ensure that the quality of the diapers is not compromised on any level. Not only diapers there are other sustainable products offered by the company like the washable wipes to keep the baby clean and dry. Made from 100% organic cotton flannel these are soft and eco friendly and provide enhanced utility in comparison to the disposable wipes. Another highly useful product offered by the company is the cotton inlayers that are used with their diapers for extra protection. These are extra absorbent and can be washed and reused. Apart from these there are other products like the wet bags and cotton over pants manufactured by the company. Like the other products these are also made from materials that are environment friendly.

The company has been continuously innovating their product line by offering environment friendly products for babies but also for the new moms. One of the highly recommended products for the moms is there nursing pads. Made from 100% organic cotton these are quiet effective during feeding as they can absorb leaking milk. The company’s product line also includes washable and reusable panty liners that are soft on skin and highly effective. All the products are ISO certified and bear the Oeko Tex Standard mark.