Scott Tominaga Discusses Why is Marketing Important for Modern Businesses

Marketing is one of the important tasks of a business organization. Not only does marketing contribute to building brand awareness, but it can also have a major role in increasing sales, growing business and engaging customers. Scott Tominaga points out that there are many core business functions that stem from a good marketing plan, and hence all companies need to give it a shot.

Marketing is a strategy that businesses leverage to advertise and promote their brand. Each and every business entity needs to understand the importance of this strategy and how to employ it. One would definitely know that it is vital for a business to engage its customers. Marketing essentially is a tool to keep the conversation going. Engaging customers is very different from pushing brand new offers.  Doing so would involve furnishing the customers with relevant information about both the brand and its offerings. There are many factors that make marketing crucial to a company. Here are some of them:

Modern Businesses

  • It informs: At its base level, marketing is a viable tool for customer education. While one would know the ins-and-outs of the products sold by them, they also need to make sure that their target audience has this information. To be encouraged to by a product, people need to have a good understanding of what it does and how it works. Marketing is the most effective way to communicate the value proposition of a business to the customers in a manner that is fun and interesting, if customer education is a priority for a brand, then so should be marketing.
  • It equalizes: Marketing has become a lot less expensive than it was before. Email campaigns and social media platforms have made reaching out to consumers extremely finance-friendly. For many SMBs, smart marketing can be helpful for them in trying to level the field while competing against major brands. Owing to the smaller scale of their business, many SMB leaders often have more time to pay attention to every customer individually through diverse marketing platforms.  Customers of today value this experience over pricing. Hence, such a one-on-one interaction often pushes them into the direction of a brand over many bigger names.
  • It sustains: Marketing is more like a food for a medicine than a medicine.  Marketing is known to help in sustaining the presence of a company, but cannot be a remedy for lack of engagement.  All businesses need proper marketing to maintain a healthy relationship with their consumers. Rather than being a one-time fix, marketing is an ongoing strategy that allows businesses to flourish.  It helps them to maintain long-lasting and ever-present relationships with the target audience.

According to industry experts like Scott Tominaga, customer engagement is the heart of any successful business, and this is especially true for SMBs. Marketing plays a huge role in solving the question of how to keep a conversation going once a customer has walked out the door.