AccessiBe Mentions Website Accessibility Factors One Needs to Consider

At least 15% of people worldwide live with a disability according to reports. That is more than 1.1 billion who could have a number of unique factors that can make it difficult for them to navigate the web in comparison to any typical web user. It is not acceptable to allow these people to struggle with accessing the internet, especially in the modern digitalized environment. AccessiBe is a prominent company that makes use of two components that work together to achieve WCAG compliance. The foreground application handles the UI, as well as design accessibility requirements, thereby enabling people with particular disabilities to adjust the UI and design of the website to their individual needs.

All website owners aim at attracting as many visitors as possible.  For doing so, it is imperative to take a few steps that contribute to ensuring that a website can be used by everyone. There are millions of users today who face certain disabilities and miss out on accessing important online resources.  Here are a few important accessibility factors for websites that one must pay heed to:

Web Accessibility in Reducing the Digital Divide

  • Text contrast: There are certain colors that are difficult to see when they are placed next to one another. If multiple colors are placed tightly, it is vital that the colors contrast with each other or readability will end up suffering.
  • Alt text: This implies to the mostly invisible data attached to an image that describes what exactly the particular image is depicting. One might have seen before that when an image fails to load, alt text appears in its place enabling users to still understand the overall page. If a person hovers over an image, they might see the alt-text. Providing this alt-text is important for a variety of reasons, including SEO. But its prime benefit is SEO. Users having visual impairments often tend to use ‘screen reader’ software that reads pages to them out loud.
  • Highlightable interactive elements: There can be several reasons why one might use a keyboard to navigate a page rather than a mouse. They can be completely unable to use a mouse or just be more comfortable with their level of dexterity when using keyboard. When developers disable the highlight ability for interactive elements like images and buttons, they end up excluding users who are unable to navigate a page with a mouse. Keyboard-only users depend on highlights to know what part of the screen they are going to interact with as they hit ‘enter’.  One should avoid disabling highlighting in the first place to fix this problem.

AccessiBe makes use of an AI and ML powered solution that optimizes the accessibility level of a website every 24 hours.  This AI engine remediates the website’s HTML accessibility issues, functionality and behavior. These factors make website accessible to blind people using screen readers, and individuals with motor impairments using a keyboard to operate websites. Details of such technologies can be found on the web.