Donate online to charities To Protect the Future of Our Country

Children are the most precious blessing of god showered on us. They are a sign of the continuity of our values, our morals and our principles. From what is bestowed upon us from our ancestors, we forward it to them to make their own unique future. Children are the pillar of our society and the future of our country. But think how our future will be shaped when these innocent hands are being exploited to the core.

We cross the traffic signals and see little children selling newspapers, water, etc. Some of them even go to an extent of selling tobacco which would lead them to the wrong path of alcohol and drugs. From the age of six or seven they have to sacrifice their rights and lose their innocence to earn living for themselves. The age where kids should devote their time playing, learning and having fun, they devote it to work which is carried out by full grown men and women and in return what do they get, a few pennies. Is this justified? Is it right to treat children like this? NO!

Children are all about learning and not working. It is their time to have fun and play around and not to earn living. To give them what they deserve, we as masses should come together and help organizations that say,donate online to charities. We should stand up for them and provide them with education, give them opportunity to live their innocence, give them food to eat and clothes to wear. If every individual will realise their duty towards the children whose rights are being exploited then we could save millions of lives from being tortured and killed.

Charity Begins at Home

A very popular saying, Charity begins at home is actually true. Before you go out and donate thousands to some donate online to charities you should make sure you don’t employ any child as a worker in your home. Even if someone desperately asks you to employ him, you shall refuse it as it is against the law and also because he is supposed to pick up pen and paper and not broomsticks and rags. If you have a servant and his family is staying with you make sure you educate his kids by sending them to tuitions or government schools where education for such people are absolutely free.