How to Choose Your Decor Items Wisely

Adding fine works of contemporary wall art to modern houses or places is a great way to express one’s unique style. The high-quality works of the contemporary wall art can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, and the delicate pieces of unique design add a great deal of drama and artistic interest to a business or home. Well-chosen fine works of contemporary wall art create an interesting first impression and with the ideas you have in mind, you will be able to create a focal point with designer style wall art decor and portray significant appeal.

Buying the right kind of decorative ornaments or decor pieces of canvas art to beautify your home is a really exciting practice. However, simply picking anything and everything that holds your novelty can have unsatisfactory or even catastrophic consequences. Some items are evil and will ruin the harmony in your home. So, think carefully before you buy your home décor items.

Stay Away from Thorns:

Yes, thorny plants, especially cacti, look royally beautiful but the science of architecture does not agree with your feelings. These are like control barriers in the way of domestic harmony. In addition to destroying the positive mood in the home, they can also cause ill health.

piece of canvas artwork

Avoid Grave Memorials:

True, even a replica of the Taj Mahal is glorious to see. But don't mistake it as a symbol of love. This kind of showpieces displayed in your home will manage to create a permanently negative atmosphere. Graves can evoke memories of passivity and death.

Avoid Certain Pictures, Statues and Paintings:

Wall art is a favourite piece of decor for most people. Regardless, not every picture or painting can be considered a healthy addition to the house. If you have a picture of a sunken boat, throw it away. It is a representation of downfall or degradation. Your overall financial situation and interactions between family members will be severely damaged.

Similarly, do not display pictures or statues of wild animals or birds anywhere inside the out, especially in bedrooms or in the living areas. The science of architecture suggests that they bring out the instincts of horrible creatures hidden in humans and lead them to conflicts with the people around them. Flowers, scenery, landscapes, etc. are better choices in the form of wall art.

You could argue that these are for decorative purposes only in the dining or living room. After all, not everyone can afford to display expensive home decor items! But water has a flowing nature. This means that everything in the house will show a restless and unstable nature. Wealth and prosperity, especially will continue to flow in and flow out of your life.