Why You Should Not Forget About bizSAFE Renewal?

One of the most important things for any business to succeed is its environment which must be healthy and safe for all the employees. It is why many companies are working towards just that. How? By taking help from different programs like bizSAFE. If your company already has bizSAFE certification, you must not forget to take care of timely bizSAFE renewal.

Before moving any further, let’s have a look at what bizSAFE is. It is an enterprise security program that helps companies develop WSH capabilities to achieve improvements in workplace health standards and safety.

Need of bizSAFE

 The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) has taken efforts to help smaller companies (that may lack of resources and capacity) to help them with risk management. It is a standard course accredited by the Ministry of Manpower.

The WSH Act is focused on reducing the hazards, increasing ownership by stakeholders, and achieving good WSH results rather than simply complying with mere prescriptive requirements. The companies have to use a step-by-step bizSAFE approach for better capabilities of risk management. The course allows them to identify the risks at the earliest and take necessary actions to eliminate or at least mitigate the risk consequences.

bizsafe renewal

Does your business need bizSAFE?

Any business or company that wants successful operation must manage safety and health standards in the workplace. Employers should identify occupational hazards and take appropriate measures. Besides this, the lack of WHS standards can impact the workplace and the companies negatively. Work incidents can result in serious injuries, downtime, and work stoppage, which reduces the productivity and morale of the staff.

The proper bizSAFE certification is beneficial for every business, but the different levels of bizSAFE certifications have a specific term of validity which is why every company needs to have bizSAFE renewal. The certification renewal is vital for maintaining a good health system and reputation.

Is bizSAFE renewal a simple task?

Many people often wonder about questions related to bizSAFE renewal such as ‘whether it is simple or not?’ among many others. If you are also facing the same questions, you are at the right place. The process of renewal is straightforward.

Also, the process is not at all time-consuming. All you have to do is follow some steps and give some information to a certification platform like CCIS and voila, you are done from your end. It takes only some minutes at maximum. If you are due for the renewal of your bizSAFE certification, don’t wait any longer.