Aspects of Child Support Singapore

Child support

Even after a divorce or remarriage, you still have a responsibility to support your children. The court may mandate that a parent pay a child’s monthly maintenance if it can be shown that they refused or neglected to give proper support to a kid who cannot maintain themselves. A one-time lump-sum payment can be issued in child support singapore. Even adult children older than 21 may be eligible for support in some circumstances.

What aspects will the court consider when determining the amount of child support?

A set formula does not determine child maintenance. Typically, the court will consider the child’s basic needs, including food, clothes, housing, healthcare, and education.

The court may require a parent to pay maintenance or contribute toward a child’s maintenance every month or in one lump payment.

The considerations listed in section 69(4) will be taken into account by the court when determining the amount of maintenance:

  • The child’s financial requirements.
  • Their age could impact the parent’s capacity to make a living.
  • The child’s and parent’s earning potential, if any.
  • Any of the child’s physical or mental impairments.
  • Each parent contributes to the family’s well-being in some way.
  • The child’s lifestyle is of a certain standard.
  • How the kid is supposed to be trained or educated.
  • Any parent’s appropriate behavior.

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Making a maintenance order request

Orders for child support are typically settled throughout the divorce process.

You can apply via AMS or in person at the Family Justice Court registry if you want to receive a maintenance order without getting divorced. The court will summon the opposing party if it determines that your application is valid and properly filed.

The maintenance order may be granted if the opposing party appears and concurs.

A warrant for the party’s arrest might be issued if they fail to appear.

The case may go to trial if the parties cannot come to terms with maintenance.

You must be aware of your rights and the Singaporean law that governs child support, whether you are going through a divorce or want to seek assistance without filing for divorce. An expert attorney will ensure you follow the proper procedures when requesting a maintenance order and work with you to get the best result, given your situation.