Dog Training 101: The Importance Of The Training

Dogs are considered fur babies or pets. Hence, there is a difference between using fur babies and pets. When you say fur babies, these are the ones who are treated like humans, while pets can be either fur babies or guard dogs.

Any pet or fur owner can have an advantage when these dogs learn the basic commands. The importance of correcting unwanted behaviors in dogs makes them obedient. Learning the basic commands can be achieved when dogs are enrolled in dog training Syracuse  to boost clear communication.

What are the basic dog commands?

Teaching dogs the basic commands can be challenging to adult ones compared to puppies. To start on the right foot, a pup must know what you expect. The foundation of dog training is based on positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a process that gives the dog a reward that serves as an encouragement for the expected behavior being obeyed. The idea is not to bribe the behavior, but instead train it using some of the dog values. Punishment is not applied during the training as it can cause stress to them.

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Dogs are not emotional, instead, they use their instinct, so yelling doesn’t work for them. Punishment makes them confused and unsure of what is asked of them. Remember that training is a process, there is no magic here like a 2-year-old child knows how to tie shoes.

Patience is the key, which is the character of the dog trainers. Dog trainers help puppies learn how to behave. Reinforcement is anything the dog likes. Most people are using small pieces of high-value food for the training treats.

The role of dog treats

The training treats are special rewards, such as:

  • freeze-dried liver
  • kibble

Play with a favorite toy or lavish praise can be used as a reward. Treats can be a cheerful voice saying “Good dog”. It can be enough for them as a form of reward. Some dogs enjoy petting. Yet, food is the most convenient way to reinforce their behavior.

Puppies can start simple training as soon as they come home. Puppies get the training usually at 8 weeks old. The training sessions should be brief.

If the puppy has trouble learning a new behavior, the session is ended and review something they know. You can give them plenty of praise and reward for success.

The dog trainer knows the puppy gets bored or frustrated. So, they can look for something that regains the activeness of the dog until they learn the basic commands.