How Long Does Cat Flap Installation Take?

Cat flaps are now treated as one of the most useful devices that can make the cats’ movements much easier and smoother. It basically depends on the cat-flap type that the installation method is decided. Cat flap installation cannot be handled well especially if you are going to make it for the very first time and therefore calling the experts seems to be the most prominent solution out here.

Does the installation of cat flaps take a longer time?

In most of the cases, an hour is enough for completing the whole procedure of cat flap installation but sometimes it takes even longer. If the model is quite complicated and the settings are not that easy to modify then in that case the installation might get extended beyond one hour. There are other important things that need to be determined in this case out of which the most significant one is the location where the installation needs to be detected. The location should be detected first and then only the installation can be initiated well. In case of those houses where there is no additional outdoor space the installation time is comparatively more as the decision of the perfect location cannot be taken easily.

Cat-flap can be installed much smoothly to wooden doors in comparison to glasses, composite doors or walls. If the flap is installed at the door then first it is necessary to make an appropriate hole out there in order to adjust the device properly. Moreover, many measurements need to be made so that the installation can be completed with an acute perfection at the end of the day. The installers usually bring different kinds of improved tools for accelerating the installation process to a great extent. On the other hand, the security part also needs to be cared equally. The screws should be tightly fixed so that the flap does not fall off all of a sudden and hurt the cats. This is the very reason that many installers check again and again whether the screws have been properly placed or not.

This checking certainly involves some time but ultimately makes the installation safe and successful. Microchip cat-flaps need to be carefully installed as many things need to be maintained at the same time out here. Cat’s height is also an important factor that cannot be ignored at all. In fact, it plays a key role in cat flap installation.