Full- Body Checkups In Singapore

There are no two patients alike, everyone’s health history and requirements are unique. This is why full body checkups are necessary. A condition might be unproblematic in a person’s case but it may be problematic in your case.

Under this test, all physiological systems, such as blood, urine, feces, diabetes, thyroid, and others, are easily checked. Diseases can be discovered in advance by having the full-body examined. Apart from that, a thorough body check-up should be taken at least once a year to ensure good health. Looking for full body checkups Singapore? We have got you covered!

full body checkup singapore

  1. Osler health center: It is one such place that offers full-body body checkups and can meet your requirements in terms of time and money. They also provide various on-site health screenings including well-woman’s health screening, well-men’s health screening, cardiovascular screening, school medicals, gynecological screening, thyroid testing, hemoglobin test, and sexual health screening. They can also help with mental health issues.
  1. Mediway medical: It offers top-notch health screening with top-of-the-line testing technologies, cutting-edge medical technology, and a thorough physical examination. This Medical Centre provides a wide selection of Health Screening Packages for individuals, families, and corporate personnel, to assist valuable lives in better understanding and managing their health at an inexpensive and fair full body checkup singapore You can choose from; mediway basic, mediway deluxe, mediway premium, mediway prestige, fertility screening, allergy test, and many more.
  1. Raffles medical group: It is a devoted wellness assessment center that provides a holistic, comprehensive, and individualized approach to preventive treatment to give you the greatest health screening experience possible. You can choose from one of their 11 improved health screening packages and schedule an appointment today only. Their list of screening tests includes medical history, physical examination, chest X-ray, electrocardiogram, urinalysis, stool analysis, cancer screening, audiometry, tonometry, treadmill stress ECG, and more.
  1. National university hospital: It is one of Singapore’s most prestigious public hospitals, including over 50 medical, surgical, and dental specialties and a comprehensive range of health screening packages. All packages, from basic screens to chronic illness management, will include a physical checkup, biometrics parameters, laboratory, and other investigations, as well as a medical review and counseling.
  1. Changi general hospital: Health tests here are usually done throughout two outpatient visits. They only provide two screening packages from their Core Series, unlike other neighboring hospitals. Regardless, their bundles are thought to be quite thorough. It includes everything from basic screenings like a medical assessment and full blood count to more advanced tests.


These were a few best hospitals for a full-body checkup!