A Life Living With Hope

Life is not easy. It is the reality that we face every day we wake up in the morning. Every day is a battle, wherein only people who do not give up will win.

When we were born in this world, we did not yet have any idea of what life is. We do not know what it is to live on earth and how to live day by day. When we reach the age of two to three years old, we are starting to walk and talk already. Until we reach the age of adolescence, wherein we are starting to know what we want in life. Until we grow older and reach adulthood, we are already working for our dreams and goals in life. Along in this journey of working for our dreams, many struggles and hardships will be along the way. It is inevitable, and the reality for everyone.

Living is indeed a gift. Through the gift of life, we are experiencing what it is to live, to laugh, and to love. The journey will not be as easy as what we wanted, but we know that it will be worth it in the end. As we have our family, we know that love and support will always be there. They are the people that will keep us motivated and inspired to keep going. They are the family that gave us the reason to live every day.

Do you imagine how life is for people with a disability?

Life itself is not easy already, and for those who have a disability, it felt like it is more difficult for them. Some people are born with a disability already, and some had it from different circumstances like accidents. It is really not an ordinary life for these kinds of people who are facing difficulties every day. They need more attention and love from the people around them.

Most of the time, people with disabilities need acceptance from the community. Once they feel different, they will think that society will not accept them anymore. It is why many people with disabilities suffer from different traumatic experiences. It is why society must give them the chance to be themselves and be accepted. They deserve to work, learn, and be engaged in whatever they want in life.

Today, disability support is one of the platforms that help people with a disability to have personalized support that will be working with them to enhance their lives. It will help them receive and feel the help, care, and support that they deserve and need. As we know, it is not an easy journey for people with disabilities. Every day is a battle for them because of their disability, yet they keep pushing forward and working for their dreams to come true. But they still need more understanding and love from society for them to stay inspired in their everyday life.