Reliable Source for Best Filtration Technologies In Australia

Micro Fresh is one of the most reliable companies you can rely on for an extensive array of Microfresh filters. The company is not only involved in the supply of the filters; the company is equally responsible for manufacturing the filters.  The filters made here are specially manufactured for various purposes including industrial filtration, diesel exhaust and mining purposes.  This company is the best you can ever find when looking for highly reliable filtration technologies Australia.

The Micro Fresh Filters made by this company started in the early part of the 1990s.  It started by working with the BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal and 3M Company towards the development of a highly efficient exhaust filter for diesel so that diesel engines or vehicles can be operated smoothly in underground coal mines.

The filters are made after several years of research by the company. The filters have also been taken through stages of developments to ensure that the final product does exactly what it is expected to do by the manufacturers, which is one of the many features that make Freudenberg one of the best companies to consider for top-line filtration technologies Australia. The products have been taken thorough stringent testing and can be trusted to deliver on its promises.

Reliable Source for Best Filtration Technologies In Australia

The very first filter ever produced by the manufacturer is the DA100; it was first installed on an Eimco 913 engine and was first operated in 1995 at the Tower Colliery of the BHP Billion.

The following year, the Micro Fresh exhaust filter was approved to be used on various vehicles fitted with diesel engines in coal mines, both in Queensland and New South Wales.

However, several newly-designed exhaust filters have been made by the company in the course of the past 15 years and they are made to fit the needs of specialized vehicles. The company has over the years continued to invest more money on the research and development of filters, an effort that is undoubtedly yielding the expected results.

An Industrial Filter manufacturing division was established by Micro Fresh in 2002 and this manufacturing division is responsible for the supply of specialist filters for various forms of applications spreading through both New Zealand and Australia.

In recent times, the company has focused its attention on taking its products and services beyond the shores of New Zealand and Australia. The company is spreading its reach to several other countries, including the United States of America and South Africa.  The company equally plans to form an amalgamation with companies that are recognized internationally, one of which is the German company, Freudenberg. An agreement was signed with this company in 2010, September to be more precise. The business agreement between the two companies has helped to spread the popularity of both companies and widen their scopes and reaches beyond their initial localities.