Soul Quest and The Power of The Ayahuasca Plant Medicine for Spiritual Healing

Orlando is home to the famous Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth that is a popular center known for its amazing spiritual retreats that have helped several men and women from diverse backgrounds. Ever since its inception in 2015, it has bought in people from across the world and today has a strong supportive community for spiritual healing practices, programs, and guidance. The Church uses indigenous natural medicines like the Ayahuasca plant that are sacred and powerful when it comes to cleansing negative thoughts, emotions, and ailments in an individual.

Soul Quest Orlando Retreats – How is the Ayahuasca plant used for healing?

Soul Quest Church at Orlando conducts regular spiritual retreats for its members from across the globe. There are people from different backgrounds that come to this Church every year for spiritual programs, healing practices, and guidance on how to live a meaningful life conducted at its retreats. The Church uses the Ayahuasca plant that comes from the Amazon region as the major source of healing.  This plant has its origins dating back to about 2500 years ago. It has been a focal point of cultural and spiritual tradition in the Amazon and South America regions. The Church says the Ayahuasca plant is a natural and potent medicine that transforms people emotionally, mentally, and physically. The plant is called “Mother Ayahuasca” as it can positively touch the lives of many troubled men and women who came to the Soul Quest Church searching for peace.

The Ayahuasca plant medicine should be consumed with serious intent

This sacred plant is not intended for any kind of recreational use by members of the Church. It should be treated seriously and consumed under the supervision of teachers or experienced drinkers. This plant is brewed as a tea and is not a drug. It has the ability to induce an altered state of consciousness that remains for at least 4 to 8 hours in the body after its ingestion. Some members experience different sensations. Some people experience deep physical and psychological realization while others bring in a strong sense of connection with themselves and others.

Spiritual purging is a natural part of the healing process

The plant cleanses the body, and you might experience spiritual purging in the form of crying, sweating, vomiting, yawning, shaking, or diarrhea. When this occurs, you should not be worried as it is a part of the spiritual healing and cleansing process. The body releases toxins to bring about a peaceful state of health and mind.

The teachers of the retreats at The Soul Quest Church say that people should have a deep calling to the medicine. It is not used for amusement or curiosity. The Ayahuasca plant has healed several men and women across the world of different mental, spiritual, and physical ailments. This is why the Soul Quest retreats and healing programs have gathered immense popularity in recent years. An individual should have trust in the medicine and allow it to work for their best interests even though some parts of the healing process might be unpleasant.