CBD Consuming Method – Which Is Better Inhaling or Ingesting

Which is the best method to enjoy your daily CBD serving? Is it inhaling or ingesting edibles? Which has the upper hand? Let’s get to know the pros and cons of both methods to find out which one is superior.

CBD Ingestion

There is a plethora of CBD edibles available in the market. When you blend CBD with things like candy, chocolate, and gummies it inherits the tasty flavor profiles making the cannabinoid more palatable. Just stop on justcbdstore.com to shop for the best CBD gummies, candies, brownies, and even protein bars.

CBD edibles kick in time is delayed as the cannabinoid has to pass through the digestive system before it gets absorbed. Therefore, never eat all the edibles at once.

Another way of ingestion is CBD sublingual tinctures. A dropper is used to place a few drops below your tongue. Hold it there for some moments [60 seconds] below the tongue, where the capillaries absorb some resulting in a little faster effect.

Best CBD Gummies


1. A wide range of CBD products ranging from protein shakes and chocolate bars to snacks like sunflower seeds and corn nuts are available.

2. Ingestible CBD oil increases flexibility as you can blend them with a variety of food items like butter and salad.

3. Fruit flavored CBD tinctures are blended with ice cream and smoothies to give extra sweetness boost.

4. Possibilities to ingest cannabidiol are endless.


1. Effects experienced with CBD ingesting method are slower than inhalation because it works via the digestive system.

CBD inhaling

CBD inhaling can be done with a vape pen available in refillable and disposable forms. Inhaling can also be termed as ‘vaping’. CBD oil gets heated to a specific temperature and releases vapor. The vapor when inhaled deeply enters the lungs. CBD gets absorbed quickly in your blood system. You can even hold the vapor in your mouth before allowing it to travel towards your lungs. As the vapor is held in the mouth, tongue capillaries absorb it and thus the effects kick in faster.

The CBD oil comprises propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that is responsible to produce vapor volume as well as decrease the harshness as it hits your throat.


1. CBD allows high bioavailability, so effects are much quicker.

2. Inhaling is a simple process.

3. Vape pens are compact.

4. Take it in your pocket without creating an unattractive outline.


1. CBD effects don’t last long in comparison to other consumption methods.

2. You cannot vape discreetly because people notice the emitted vape clouds.

3. You cannot enjoy blowing massive vape clouds in a non-friendly vape setting.

Which is the best method – ingesting or inhaling?

Which CBD is best to consume depends on your preference? If you desire a quick kick then choose to vape and if the plan is for a long duration then ingesting is the way to go.

You can even enjoy both worlds. Drink CBD chill shot at dawn, vape all day, and chew gummies late in the evening. The consumption method chosen does not matter because on justcbd.com you can buy high-quality CBD products suitable for your needs.