Dr. Robert Turner – Dealing with Perpetrators in The Family for Child/Teen Abuse

Child/teen sexual abuse is a harsh reality of society and life. This horrendous crime takes place across the globe, and no nation is immune from it. The laws are stringent when it comes to dealing with offenders. However, they do not deter perpetrators from targeting innocent children and teens when it comes to sexual abuse and assault.

Dr. Robert Turner is a well-respected counselor whose expertise lies in sexual assault and abuse. He is a man of faith and attends his local church regularly. He is actively involved in multiple socio-civic activities and helps people with his professional counseling services.

When it comes to a child or teen sexual abuse or assault by a perpetrator in the family, the challenges posed to a parent are more than an unknown offender. No one has the right to invalidate what you feel if your child or teenage son or daughter has been hurt or harmed by someone you already know.

There are multiple emotions you will face as a parent; however, firstly, you must ensure your child is safe and manage your emotions with the help of professional counseling.

The Family for Child/Teen Abuse

Common types of feelings you might face

You need professional counseling and help as there are specific types of emotions and reactions that you will be unable to manage as a parent. Some of them have been listed below-

  • Anger directed towards the child for the family disruption, especially if the perpetrator is your current partner.
  • Anger towards the offender for harming your child and betraying your deep trust.
  • Guilt as you were unaware of the abuse or you still have feelings left for the person who has hurt your child.
  • Suppose the offender who hurt your child was one of your older children. There is an obligation to offer support to your harmed child while protecting the other.
  • Losing faith in your abilities or judgment as a parent.
  • Practical anxiety or fears about day-to-day finances and income that will change when the offender who caused harm to your child is removed from the family.
  • A deep sense of loss for the offender who hurt the child as you start to sever ties.

What about your child?

The reaction from your teen or child will vary. The healing process will take a lot of time, and your child needs professional help as well. The possible reactions you will get from your child after the incident are anger directed towards you as you failed to protect them, becoming silent, talking about the sexual abuse all the time, confiding in someone other than you, or even being angry with you for removing the perpetrator from the house.

These issues are very sensitive, and they need to be managed with professional guidance and experience. It is important for you to immediately consult a skilled and qualified counselor such as Dr. Robert Turner in the field of sexual abuse and assault at the earliest. This is the first step towards recovery and healing for both you and your child.