Why Chest Pains Require Emergency Care? Find Out Here

When a person complains of chest pains,  first aid will always depend on the causes. You have to remember that chest pain can have plenty of causes. Some cases are mild while others can be life-threatening. For example, it is difficult to tell if the chest pain is caused by a heart attack or a symptom of another health condition. That is why self-diagnosis for chest pain is strongly discouraged.

Causes of Chest Pains

Chest pains can be caused by plenty of reasons. The number one cause and the most serious is heart problems. But remember that the pain can also be due to lung problems. Gastrointestinal issues can also cause chest pain especially when the person is experiencing acid reflux. There are times that bone, muscle, and nerve problems also cause chest pains especially when it is a result of overuse or injury to the chest. 

Chest pains should not be taken lightly, especially if you are experiencing this for the first time. In fact, if you know that you have a health condition, it is crucial that you are familiar with your symptoms. If heart problems run in the family, it is very important to be aware of the severe chest pain symptoms when emergency care is needed.

When To Call Emergency Care?

Call for emergency healthcare assistance if you are feeling a sudden pressure, crushing, squeezing, or tightness under your breastbone. It is also an emergency situation if the pain is spreading to your jaw, back, and left arm. You should also be worried if you have a sudden and sharp pain with breathing problems.

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Do This While Waiting For Help

If you or someone else is suspected of having a heart attack, it is crucial that you know the necessary steps to take while waiting for help. First, make sure that you already called 911 or the emergency care assistance. Have the patient chew an aspirin since this is a blood thinner, it will help prevent clotting and will keep the blood flowing especially in the narrowed artery that caused the heart attack.

And if prescribed nitroglycerin is on hand, take it. Keep the patient awake by talking to them. It is also crucial to start CPR. Without this, the patient can die within minutes. But remember, only use CPR if the person is unconscious and not breathing or if not breathing normally. And when  the patient regains consciousness, stop giving CPR and wait for the emergency response team to arrive.

Emergency Care in San Antonio

If in doubt, it is best that you call your healthcare provider. This way, you are sure of whether or not you need emergency care. At Prestige Emergency Room in San Antonio, patients here can feel confident that doctors and nurses here are able to provide the most appropriate for early diagnosis and treatment of chest pain.