Menos Hiras Discusses The Many Advantages Of Playing Soccer

There are numerous American kids who dream of becoming soccer players, and start to engage in this game from an early age. As per Menos Hiras many of these kids end up playing for their school teams and local travel teams until they graduate from high school, and the most talented ones among them get the chance to get drafted into the MLS (Major League Soccer). The great popularity of soccer around the world is known to all.  People across the globe keenly wait for major soccer matches throughout the year, and cheer for their favorite teams either from their couch or the soccer stadiums.

The incredible popularity of soccer can be attributed to the high energy maintained in this sport, its fast-paced, as well as the many advantages associated with engaging in it.  People like Menos Hiras, who start playing soccer from an early age, tend to be in the best position to reap the many benefits offered by this sport. Hiras used to play varsity soccer throughout the entirety of high school, and has a keen interest in the sport even today.

Here are some of the major advantages of playing soccer as mentioned by Menos Hiras:

  • Soccer is a sport that involves a good amount of running, sprinting, and drills, which effectively engages the cardiovascular system of the body. People playing soccer regularly are likely to enjoy reduced susceptibility to heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and certain types of chronic diseases.
  • People can hone a host of fitness skills by playing soccer, including their agility and speed. Soccer players typically lose body fat, gain lean muscle, and enjoy a high likelihood of maintaining healthy habits throughout their life.  Owing to the conditioning exercises and explosive power involved in honing the diverse types of tackling and defensive moves in this sport, soccer players end up developing commendable muscle strength.
  • Competitive sports like soccer go a long way in teaching teamwork, which ultimately translates to selflessness, cooperation, and improved communication skills. The very structure of this sport tends to foster a host of vital life skills, which includes time-management, goal-setting, and leadership skills.
  • Kids starting to play soccer from an early age start to learn the notion of abiding by the rules of the game, as well as adhering to the instructions of the coach, which invariably teaches them discipline and emotional temperance. The competitive aspect of soccer additionally aids the players in learning how to practice good sportsmanship, deal with disappointment, develop resilience, and improve themselves with the help of constructive criticism. In certain cases, sports like soccer can help shy kids to get out of their shell and instill confidence and self-esteem among them.

Menos Hiras additionally mentions that the fast-paced nature of soccer requires players to harness a good level of concentration, adaptability and quick thinking, which helps quite a bit in honing their mental faculties.