Search Intent: The Key In Your SEO Strategy For Google

Learn what the user’s search intention is for Google, how it affects SEO and how we can take advantage of it to improve our web positioning.

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Do you want to understand what is behind each search? Here are some tricks that will come in handy!

It is time to restructure our strategies to improve SEO web positioning and so that Google, and the user, consider what we are offering to answer their questions.

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The truth is that it is no longer enough to search for the keywords in which we consider it important to appear in the list of results of Google, or another search engine.

Now we must get into the skin of the person doing the searching and decipher their intentions.

Sounds complicated, right? Do not worry, at Xplora, as an SEO and web positioning agency, we will try to help you!

What Is The User’s Search Intention For Google?

The search intention is nothing more than the objective that the user has at the time of making a query in Google or another web search engine.

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Since everything can be done on the Internet, you should ask yourself What type of action does the user want to take?

You must pay maximum attention to the intention of the user when doing the search, rather than the word or words that he chooses to write in the web search engine.

Google has become very demanding on this matter, so now we must make sure of how relevant the content we create is, and how it will be classified by Google according to this new factor that is the intention of search.

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Google cannot give a totally satisfying answer to the user, in the face of a search in which it does not detect its clear intention.

The truth is that Google cannot give a totally satisfying answer to a user search when a clear intention of the user is not detected. That is why Google has made many efforts to interpret search by intention, classifying searches into basically three types:

Common Interpretations

They offer several very different results. For example, when typing ‘apple’, the search engine will return various results and not a specific one that meets the user’s needs. “Apple” can be the fruit or it can refer to the urban space (walking an apple).

Dominant Interpretations

Those that make a large number of users and that represent a relevant position on the web.

For example, when searching for ‘apple’, the search engine does not return the most basic, the fruit, but rather displays various pages about Apple, the successful brand of electronic products.

SEM Vs. SEO: Pointing Towards The Correct Search Intention

As for the SEO strategy, try to choose keywords to gain good traffic and gain the trust of users with your website. That they are profitable for you will be enough to establish a two-way relationship with the future client.

How To Optimize Your Content For Search Intent

You must adapt your content to each of the four types of user search intent that we have defined above.

For commercial content, you could add a few words like “offer”, “buy now” or “discounts”. Words that serve as calls to action (CTAs) and relate to the content you promote. Of course, no misleading offers or hollow content please!

Consider artificial intelligence from Google and Google RankBrain, the algorithm created by Google to assess user satisfaction and show you results, and to understand search intent. You have more information on Wikipedia.

Study the user’s search intent more than keywords. Giving importance to the user will give you an advantage over the competition!

Research the search by user intention, make the necessary changes and, after several days, analyze what has worked and what has not. It worked? Let’s keep going! Still need to make changes? Well, let’s not waste time!

Gaining Trust Through Your Content

Trust is everything when you have a website. If your website does not inspire confidence in your potential customers they will not buy the products or services you sell.

It doesn’t matter if your products and prices are wonderful, it doesn’t matter if your website has the best SEO strategies in the world. If you don’t win the trust of your audience, you don’t have any commercial strength.

Simple as that, but how do you earn your trust?

Create simple but effective content, choose your words boldly, tell who you are and what you offer, talk about other clients you have helped with a product or service and show a little of the results they achieved by trusting your company, but being cautious, modest and timely.

Also don’t bore users by telling how good you think you are!

Findings From Search Intent, SEO, And SEM

Focus and design an innovative plan to adapt your SEO and SEM strategies to the new changes that Google has been making in favor of understanding the user’s search intention.

Put the keywords aside for a moment and make your main goal to understand what’s behind every search a person does.

So you can have a more effective SEM and SEO campaign and you will gain the trust of your potential customers, you will generate ‘good’ traffic to your website and, in the end, you will obtain greater profits through your website.

Take time to ask yourself how you want users to perceive you and if your content is creative, original and useful enough that search engines like Google are comfortable with it. If not, let’s start making changes!

What are you going to need? A SEO web positioning campaign that once and for all makes your company or business develop its maximum potential and generate the profits you expect.

An SEO and SEM campaign can make the difference between you and the competition, so give your website a better chance and take the path to success on the internet.

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