A Secret To Effectively Boosting Your SERP Rank

A good Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking is the most important goal of any efforts put forth by a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist or firm. Why? Because a good SERP ranking is where you will find great traffic and nowhere else.

It is true, that you can get decent traffic by doing all of the mundane and boring things like posting a link to your website or page on a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter or maybe a forum that you frequent and that allows sig links or even resource links from article directories. But, from my experience, nothing comes close to the sheer volume, velocity and temperature of direct search engine traffic.

That is the whole reason that SEO is even a field in itself anyway. Each time I that I write an article that Google likes, I am reminded of this fact. How, you ask? Simple. All of the sudden my stats light up the screen and traffic starts flooding in that literally pushes any traffic gained from ALL OTHER METHODS COMBINED off the page (depending on what metric you use to track it).

Search engine traffic is HOT and it CONVERTS. So how do you get it?


Well, there is only one method that I have found consistently works for beginners. And let me start by saying that it is not a plugin. It is not some wild and unknown tactic that you can buy. Rather it is the combination of a little common sense and hard work that when combined together can create a spike in your traffic that will actually make your hosting service administrator put down their magazine and actually look at their screen. Here are the steps one-by-one.

Step 1) Write a unique and informative, well-researched article. This has to be an authority article, so do some reading beforehand. make sure that this is important information, information that is not to widely known or spread. Take your time with it. No rushing here. Make sure that it is completely free of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. Make it long enough to bring up your content to code ratio on the page it is displayed on. Around a thousand to fifteen-hundred-word article should do it. Post this article to your site and ONLY TO YOUR SITE. DO NOT SYNDICATE IT. Ping Google and everyone on earth and let them know it exists.

Step 2) Write another unique and informative article that links to the first at the bottom of the article. Make this article unique and informative but don’t give away the secrets of the first article. Give something, but not everything. Next, syndicate this article to every article directory that you can find. Submit them manually. I have been hearing some questionable things about distribution services lately.

That’s it. What you have is unique content on your site with tons of backlinks pointing to it. If your authority article has what people are looking for, the Google Analytics metrics will show Google that it is relevant. What happens next? You article will begin to rank for a long-tail keyword and you will begin receiving sizzling hot organic traffic that you can monetize. This will give you the ability to compete with the more trusted sites.