Find a Caring Companion for your Pet While Reaching for your Travel Goals

Pet sitting in Australia has never been more convenient with the help of Happy House Sitters. This company first establish itself in 1999. This website has become a staple for thousands of Australian households with furry friends who deserve to be compassionately cared for. Happy House Sitters accommodates various animals in finding a sitter to tend for their needs or a home to stay while their pet parents are away. Without a hefty cost, this website allows pet owners to find someone they can truly trust with their own home and furry family member.

Simple to Use Application Process

Upon joining the website, pet parents will easily find it easy to traverse by a vast network of fellow animal owners and experienced caretakers willing to offer a home or care for their furry friends for as long as their services are needed. You can set the range of your pet sitting needs from a single day to over a year. The members at Happy House Sitters will be more than willing to care for your furry ones! Owners will also be able to choose between opting for a temporary house for their pets to stay in or having an accredited sitter cater to your animal’s needs from the comfort of the owner’s home.

pet sitting in Australia

Other than that, pet owners get to save big bucks and be assured of a healthy environment for their furry friends when opting to use Happy House Sitters. When an owner chooses to find a sitter or a home from this website, they will not need to worry about hefty rent and lodging fees.  In ensuring that all pets are kept happy, healthy, and cared for, animal owners can get to know and choose from a wide range of homes and sitters through interviews, meet-ups, and even an ocular visit. Once owners have closed a deal with their future sitter or house, pet parents will have the freedom to ask for and receive real-time updates and daily email alerts directly from their chosen caretaker.

Having been one of the leading websites in pet sitting in Australia for the past 16 years, Happy House Sitters offers its full guarantee that all pets are adequately cared for and loved. Other than these services, pet owners and experienced animal owners are also welcome to apply to be a house sitter or a temporary home for pet parents who may be in need. Given that house sitting is a scarce resource in Australia, especially in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, all the help offered to fellow Aussie pet parents is needed. To be part of the cause, all you need is to set up your account on the Happy House Sitters website, register as a sitter or a temporary home, and create your advertisements.

What are you waiting for, pet parent? Achieve your travel goals and contact Happy House Sitters now!