Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces with Ancient architecture and Vintage Doors

Various people like sports and they would also love to hang a big poster of their favourite player or team in their room. So, what better way to bring out your sporting spirit than to decorate your room with a basketball wall decal. Basketball is a well-known sport all over the world and you can meet many people who love to play basketball. Kids who are fond of sports like to be proud of their favourite team or players and would like to have their bedrooms decorated with such wall posters. The biggest advantage of using these wall stickers is that they are easy to remove because they come with static clinging that does not leave stains or peels on the wall. People living in rented houses may like the idea of these wall decals, as their landlords will not be able to detect the slightest trace of these decals.

To have a spacious outdoor living space outside your house in the backyard with a pool in your farmhouse involves a dynamic conversation with the beauty of nature and artistic elements. The old pool decks are small and enclosed and that might have kept you away from the energy of nature. The idea here is creating a larger space for outdoor dining, a fire pit, and the use of old architectural elements brings new energy and connection to the open space.

The triple arched porch architectural archway is the focal point of this patio where the family has a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen. The doors of the vintage barn with arched facades open from the inside of the house to the courtyard. Patio sofas and chairs are made from restored wood and the carved ornamental details set it apart from regular patio furniture. An old Tibetan mortar serves as herbal storage for freshly cultivated oregano, basil and thyme. The antique oxcart bench is capable of reminding you of the very famous, Game of Thrones, so eclectic and unique. The stairs can have beautiful carved railings from teak wood that leads to the garden, where you are embraced by a pair of royal black granite elephants, their trunks rising to the top and welcoming you in a very outstanding and unique manner.

The patio leads to the pebble dining room which is framed with old painted tiles in bright blue which are scattered on the veranda. The feel to it is vintage and rustic with an eclectic touch of feeling. The Granite Buddha sits at the bottom of the pergola, the tones of the earth are pure and calm, the tones of the grey stones are natural and beautiful. Closing his eyes in meditation, the serenity of his energy and divinity embraces the whole house. Naturally falling leaves and flower bushes plays their song while nature sings its lullabies.

Eating freshly cooked food in such an environment is good. Family and friends get together every year for Thanks giving and enjoy the serenity of the garden and beautiful canvas paintings when in their full bloom. The fire pit is essential as it warms up the entire yard during winter, the rough natural stone design was made keeping in mind the purify of the fire and in ancient times it was actually a ritual of energy purification. A seating area is to be added around a statue, or a most popular painting , round potted plants can be used for many years for the beautiful trees that lives in the farm. The pool can be moved across the Fire Pit Lounge area and a hot tub can be added to relax.

An ancient Indian door serves as a garden door leading to the pool area. Rustic old teak wooden doors are great because they are sturdy, stiff and hails beautifully incaved patterns on the outside.