The Cissus Plant Review

With an approximate genus of 350 species of wood vines in the vine family, Sissa plants are common in the tropics and are believed to come from Yemen and Socotra. They have fleshy leaves and succulents composed of three leaves. It can grow up to 9 meters, whose length is approximately 30 feet and gives black fruit with a diameter of approximately 2 cm.

During cultivation, this requires a mix of well-drained soil, as well as an adequate shade of sunlight. In a green house, a mixture of soil containing 1 part of loam is prepared with 2 parts of sand and fine gravel to ensure good soil drainage. This requires frequent watering, and then allows them to dry completely before the next watering. The fertilizer should be a well-balanced fertilizer and should be done only once a year to guarantee naturalization.

Like all other cultures, cisco is susceptible to insect problems

The main danger is the cochineal. They look like white cotton flakes. The effect of these insects is that they suck the sap of the plant and weaken it. An intense infection leads to the formation of a sticky string in the leaves, which can cause drying due to bad breath. However, the problem can be solved using insect sprays, which must be used in accordance with the instructions.

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This species is common in homes because it is an attractive plant, commonly used in hanging baskets as indoor plants. However, the main reason why people in a room is only because they do not tolerate temperatures below 50 degrees. They can be grown with limited lighting, vigorously, so they are ideal for indoor plants. The only requirements for this planting are hanging pots, sissus plants, compost, sprayers, fertilizers and peat.

This cissus is a rich addition to decorate your home or office

However, when it comes to buying the right type, there are some precautions you should take before going to buy a cissus quadrangularis for weight loss. The first thing you should consider is the type of plant you need, the maintenance requirements and, finally, the seller’s reputation. This will help you get the type that fits your needs. In addition, cessusquadrangularis is grown for medical use, you must know which is best for this purpose if you need it.

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