Selin Sakarcan – Staying Healthy During the Pandemic with Exercise, Food, and Meditation

The coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm, and new variants of the virus are surfacing across the world. Everyone should be cautious and safe. This is where health comes into play, and the best way to maintain a good immunity is by food and exercise. Everyone is doing their best to stay safe and physically fit; however, at the same time, you need to pay attention to mental health as well.

Selin Sakarcan – Ways to stay fit and healthy at home

Selin Sakarcan is an esteemed podiatric surgeon who specializes in surgeries of the feet and ankle. She was born in Texas and hails from a Turkish-American home. She is currently a business owner and focused on setting up a non-profit organization in Connecticut called Back on My Feet.

Besides the above, she is a passionate athlete and indulges in many sports. She loves to run in marathons too.

Exercise from the safety of your home

According to her, the pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. Optimal physical and mental health is the need of the hour, and efforts should be made to improve them. Though some gyms are open, there are some that have been shut down in areas where the virus holds strong. If you are used to training in the gym regularly, you can always switch to virtual training sessions to stay fit from the safety of your home.

Healthy lifestyle

Just because gyms are closed does not mean that you stop exercising. You can set aside a fixed time for your training sessions and have a trainer to guide you from the other side. In this way, both of you are your trainer. You are safe during the pandemic.

The importance of a balanced diet

Just because you might have to stay indoors for longer periods does not mean you eat junk food. You must have a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit. With the help of a good diet, you can keep the calories in check and stay fit. Fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal for keeping the weight at bay. Avoid sugar and processed food. You must remember to stay hydrated, so make sure you drink at least eight to ten glasses of water. Avoid aerated drinks and stay away from smoking and alcohol to beat the stress.

Meditation for mental health

Talking about stress, instead of smoking and drinking, you should switch to meditation to boost your mental health. You can take deep breaths or even listen to guided meditation videos available online to de-stress. All you need to do is choose a nice warm, quiet spot where no one will disturb you. Once your session is over, you will feel a lot better and more peaceful.

According to Selin Sakarcan, mental health is important, and with regular meditation, you can keep the woes of depression, anxiety, and fear at bay during these uncertain times. Moreover, regular exercise, the right food, and meditation help you stay positive and motivate the people around you. You can also motivate others to stay healthy and fight the pandemic with success with your efforts and encouragement!