Joon Faii Ong – How Can the Gyro Glove Enhance the Quality of Life for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease brings with it the involuntary shaking of hands. Patients cannot get a firm grip over the things they hold. The mild to intense shaking of hands causes them to drop items and face problems with their daily activities in life. Medicines cannot stop this involuntary shaking of hands and, even if they work, their effects last for just a short period of time, maybe some months to a few years.

Joon Faii Ong is the inventor of the Gyro Glove, a unique glove designed to combat involuntary handshaking because of Parkinson’s Disease or essential hand tremors. He is the inventor of this glove and graduated from the MBBS BSc (Medicine) Program at Imperial College, London. Currently, he is working with a dedicated team for delivering healthcare to millions across the globe with hand tremors. He is present, the CEO and the Founder of GyroGear Ltd.

He recognizes the grave debilitation and the lack of therapies available for people with hand tremors. This idea inspired him to create the GyroGlove – a uniquely designed glove for reducing hand tremors.

The personal connection that drove him to create the GyroGlove

A personal encounter with a 103-year-old patient in a London hospital triggered him to create the GyroGlove. While he was caring for patients in the hospital as a trainee doctor, he came across this old woman who was struggling to drink her bowl of soup. Her hands were shaking so much that she was spilling the soup more on her dress than drinking it. This sight moved him so much that he asked the nurses about her medical condition.

Essential Hand Tremors

The medical team attending to her said she was suffering from Alzheimer’s and severe hand tremors. They said that her health condition remained undiagnosed as no medicines were working on her. This moved him so much that the desire to create the GyroGlove arose in his mind for patients with Parkinson’s Disease. He believed if he truly looked after his patients, he would find a permanent solution to the problem.

Making a massive impact

His unique glove will greatly impact millions of people suffering from hand tremors. He has the desire to create a device with the potential to offer people with essential hand tremors and Parkinson’s Disease to regain grip and confidence when they use their hands to eat, drink or perform regular activities.

Joon Faii Ong and his team developing the Gyro Glove won the inaugural F Factor Award that was launched by X factor judge Simon Cowell and Founders Forum. His invention received £10,000 to help him transform the GyroGlove into a tangible and solid solution.

The team at GyroGear felt grateful and happy to win this inaugural championship. For everyone behind this winning innovation, the simplicity and the elegance of the glove’s design partnered with real-world application and possible influence captured and won the attention of the judges successfully.