Top 3 Pieces of Women’s UTV Riding Gear

A utility task vehicle is great to take out onto the open trails. To really take your experience to the next level, you need the best aftermarket motorcycle parts and apparel you can find. The best women’s UTV riding gear is out there. While there are numerous factors to consider before you find something, many women will find the following pieces to be perfect for their needs.

1. HJC i50 Helmet

The most important piece of apparel you need on your UTV is a helmet. You do not want to ride without one because it will offer immense protection if you ever end up in a collision. The HJC i50 Helmet is an exceptional item that offers stability even when you travel at high speeds. It is both lightweight and comfortable due to the integrated CAD technology. It comes with a protective liner on the inside that will absorb any impacts you end up in. However, you stay comfortable the entire time thanks to the ventilation system. Once you secure it on your head with the nylon strap double D-ring retention system that keeps the helmet secure around your chin.

Women's UTV Riding Gear

2. Klim Women’s Savanna Jersey

The best ATV riding gear, which also applies to utility task vehicles, should do more than keep you safe. It should also make you the most stylish person on the trails. You can look your best by wearing the Klim Women’s Savanna Jersey. It comes with the comfort, durability and versatility you have come to expect out of any UTV apparel. This is a semi-ventilated jersey that is highly breathable, and it contains moisture-wicking fabrics. Even if you plan on riding your vehicle for hours on end, you will not feel sweaty and yucky at the end of it. It has a clean, simple design you will not get tired of.

3. Klim Women’s XC Lite Pants

When you really want to make an impression on the trails with your jersey, you need the Klim Women’s XC Lite Pants. They are specifically designed for female off-roaders who want the very best in terms of comfort, quality and protection. Similar to the Klim jersey, they are incredibly breathable, so you will not feel the pants holding you back in any way. They also wick away moisture, so your sweat will not hold you back. They come with waist adjustments, so you can make sure your pants stay in place during your entire ride. These pants are the ideal way to show off your passion for UTV riding. Some other features of these pants you will enjoy include a silicone inside waist, zippered thigh pocket and genuine leather inside of the legs.

These are just a few of the pieces you can keep in your wardrobe. There are hundreds of other apparel pieces for women you can purchase, and you can find everything you need from a reputable UTV online shop. You can purchase shirts, pants, gloves, shoes, helmets and much more online in the exact size you need. You will be 100% satisfied with your purchase, and you will be ready to hit those trails.