General Freight: What Services Does It Offer?

If you are moving a wide variety of goods, commodities, and products from one location to another, you need a general freight transport service. It uses various modes of transportation,

such as:

  • trucks
  • trains
  • ships
  • airplanes

Unlike shipping container transport, which involves standardized containers, general freight transport deals with goods that are not necessarily packaged or containerized uniformly.

General freight transportation services

  • Nature of Goods. It involves the movement of a wide range of goods that are not necessarily containerized. It can include items like bulk commodities (coal, grain, ore), oversized cargo (machinery, construction equipment), perishable goods (food, flowers), and various types of packaged goods.
  • Packaging. The goods transported through general freight may not be standardized in terms of packaging. They might be loose, palletized, bundled, or otherwise packed in various ways, depending on the nature of the cargo.
  • Equipment. It involves a variety of transport modes, including trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes. Different types of vehicles and handling equipment are used based on the specific requirements of the cargo.
  • Handling. Since the goods transported are diverse, they often require specialized handling procedures. Loading and unloading methods can vary significantly depending on the type of cargo being transported.
  • It offers more flexibility in terms of cargo types and sizes. It can accommodate irregularly shaped or non-standardized items that might not fit into standard shipping containers.

Generally, the goods can come in various shapes, sizes, and packaging formats. It can include bulk commodities like raw materials (coal, minerals, grains), manufactured products (machinery, vehicles, electronics), perishable goods (food, flowers), consumer goods (clothing, household items), and more. These goods might be loaded onto vehicles directly, placed on pallets, secured with straps, or handled using specialized equipment dependent on their nature.

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The aspects of general freight transport include:

  • Diverse cargo. The cargo handled in general freight transport is diverse and can include both individual items and larger quantities of goods.
  • Variable packaging. The packaging of goods can vary significantly, from loose items to pallets, crates, or other non-standardized packaging forms.
  • Specialized handling. Because the goods are not standardized, they might require specialized handling equipment and techniques, depending on their size, weight, fragility, and other characteristics.
  • Flexible modes of transportation. General freight can be transported using various modes of transportation, including trucks, trains, ships, and airplanes, depending on the distance and urgency of delivery.
  • Customized logistics. Logistics planning for general freight transport involves considering the unique requirements of each type of cargo and selecting appropriate routes and transportation methods.
  • Varied delivery timelines. The delivery timelines for general freight can vary based on factors like distance, transportation mode, and any specific delivery agreements.

GFT plays a crucial role in the global economy, as it facilitates the movement of a wide range of goods required for various industries and consumer needs.