The five best movies on Aha in 2022

Many movies, web series and reality shows are streaming on our OTT Platform. It is all in the Telugu language. If you wish to plan a list of top-rated movies, but you are confused to do? So, here is a list of the 5 best Telugu movies online to watch.

List of 5 best movies on Aha Telugu in 2022

1- Colour Photo

Colour photo film has hot a good appreciation from the audiences. The film genre is a love story, which revolves around a young couple who face issues due to their colour. This film portrays the current scenario of the people, where colour complexion problems face every individual. It presents in a very beautiful and interesting manner. This film will surely entertain you along with a good message.

2- Krack

If you like commercial or mass movies, then this movie will definitely impress you. The star icon, Ravi Teja, has returned to the big screen with his marvellous performance. The film is filled with thrilling performances, phenomenal acting and great music. Actress Shruti Hasan gave full justice to her character and the film’s story. If you are an action drama movie lover, this film is surely for you.

Colour Photo

3- Zombie Reddy

Several filmmakers felt it quite challenging to make a film on a horror-comedy based. If you are a horror-comedy movie lover, then it might be quite difficult for you to find this genre of film. But once you get it, you never miss it to watch. Zombie Reddy movie is one of them. With a unique storyline, it will grasp your attention from start to end.

4- Khaidi

If you like thriller movies, then Khaidi film is for you. The iconic star, Karthi, played a lead role. The story revolves around how the actor, an ex-convict, tries to meet his daughter after many years. If you are a fan of serious drama films, I would recommend watching this movie.

5- Nandhi

This film is one of those that got high applause from the audiences. It is a thriller and mystery-based film. The story set-up builds with various situations revolving around courtroom drama. If you are one of those who like courtroom drama-based movies, this is among the best ones to watch.

Check these movies on Aha

These are the few best Telugu movies online. Apart from these, other entertaining movies are available in different genres on the Aha Telugu OTT platform.