Superb Suspense Telugu movie so far

Telugu movies have a talent to bring out the best in almost all of their movies. No wonder why they have such a great audience. One of the most unique and SUPERB SUSPENSE TELUGU MOVIE SO FAR is FORENSIC. Forensic arrives to post the success of another serial killer flick, AnjaamPaathira (hereafter referred to as AP), albeit with a ‘scientific’ twist. The film, similar to AP, begins with an intriguing prologue. It serves the purpose of a mood-setter. While AP was slightly subtler in its approach, Forensic gets in your face. You should know that grisly murders are on the way. The writer-director duo Akhil Paul and Anas Khan concoct a serial killer plot with an interesting first half, briefly touching upon the possibilities of a child killer, the application of forensics to deconstruct crimes, and most importantly, a beautiful Tovino Thomas (playing Sam Kattookaran, a medico-legal advisor to the State Police).

Sam is assisting Rithika Xavier IPS in tracing the killer, but the writers make it clear from the start that Sam always gets the upper hand in unlocking clues. It was indeed fun to see minor forensic flourishes in the film. These include Sam suggesting a lie detector test for a heart-patient suspect, the segment involving a Dairy Milk chocolate bar’s inner foil. In this part, Sam deduces the killer’s age and height using basic logic and by studying the crime scene, and an unnecessary but fun stretch where he explains acid-base reaction. Reba Monica John plays Shikha, the pretty and resourceful intern, who thankfully doesn’t fall for Sam’s crime-lab heroics. There’s a solid interval twist, too, something you really wouldn’t expect. I thought it was a lot better than the big reveal itself, one that’s replete with a poorly acted, unconvincing back-story. We also get a subplot regarding Sam and Rithika’s strange family history.

It’s easy for thriller buffs to conclude that these Telugu Full Movies Online will have some connection to present-day crimes. The final half-hour blew it for me – it’s a talkathon that tries to pack in the killer’s reasoning, followed by a tacky action scene. In sharp contrast to this, there’s a nicer action set-piece earlier on in the film involving Sam and a perpetratorThe origin story of the killer in AP was one of its weaker elements. Why do the big reveals always seem okayish? We need more exciting core criminals for investigation thrillers like these. Jakes Bejoy’s background score is jarring at specific points but effective otherwise. Sharper writing in the latter half (with a reduced focus on decoying twists) could have changed the course of the film.

TELUGU MOVIES tend to leave us asking for more. It keeps us excited and gives us exposure to the real world through their movies, which is why it is essential to respect the actors, directors, and the entire crew who are doing so much to keep us, the audience, entertained nevertheless, If you are looking for some investigation movie, Go for it. The ideological motive of a serial killer will drive you crazy. And the acting, along with the plot twists, is so good that it will just send chills down your spine. There are many more Thriller movies online on aha app.