Types Of Inspections Can Be Performed By Asia Inspection Company

When you are outsourcing your business to Asian countries with low production costs, your high priority should be product inspection properly. All the products should be checked in different stages to ensure that there will be no quality compromise in future.

There are three types of inspections should be done during the manufacturing or shipping process. Different types of product inspection are generally carried out before the product ships to the buyers. Problems can be rectified or corrected and can be prevented properly before they turn as a serious issue. It is quite difficult for a company to perform the inspections without any help of a professional. It is quite easier and a wise idea to hire a good and reputed Asia inspection company for the purpose. They can perform the complete inspection process as per your requirements and with complete authenticity.

Asia Inspection Company

The 3 basic types of product inspection are as follows:

1. Pre-production inspection

2. During Production inspection and also

3. Pre-shipment of the final inspection before product shipping

Pre-production inspections:

Pre-production inspection or early production by the Asia inspection company takes place when the first 0-20% of the total quantity of the product manufacturing has been completed. It allows the inspectors to set an immediate judgment of the real capacity and also the level of preparation. It can identify also the serious problems when there is still a good amount of ample time left to adjust.

Feedback from these kinds of inspections may include detailed information on the mostly finished goods and the most realistic timeline. The raw materials used in the process of production can be also thoroughly checked. It is important to ensure that the factory is using only the best quality materials that they have promised to use, as well as all the necessary components and other packaging materials.

During production inspections:

These types of inspections are recommended especially when you are making a first time order or when you are dealing with a new company or factory. They usually take place when the production process has reached 20-60% of the final shipment. It can give you a detailed sight at the process of manufacturing, usages of materials and also workflow.  It is important for the shipments of a sizeable quantity where the continuous production can lead often to major swings in the level of quality.

This is the most effective way to identify and to prevent all the possible delays and bottlenecks.


The final inspections by the Asia inspection company should occur when 80% or 100% of work has been finished. From industry AQL to rigorous onsite testing should be performed by the expert, experienced and skilled team of the company. Within 12 hours of the inspection, a hold accepted or rejected rating should be received with the right information about the failure.

When you are hiring Asia Inspection Company, you need to for a complete background check of the company. They should have their authentication proof, the certificate to work within Asian countries etc.