Ram Chary Everi – The Impact of Graphic Design in Today’s Digital Revolution

If you examine the present era, you will find that the digital revolution has made a significant impact on everyone’s lives. It has changed the way you work, communicate, and socialize with others in society. Graphic design is very much a part of this digital revolution, and technology today plays a significant role in the creation of digital art. Thanks to the role of graphic design in the digital revolution, presentations, logos, sites, animations, portfolio designs, and more have changed immensely.

Ram Chary Everi – How has graphic design evolved in the last five years?

Ram Chary Everi is a freelance graphic designer and photographer from Boston. He loves tuna fishing in his spare time and enjoys his passion for creating the unique graphic design artwork for his clients. He says if you look back in the past, graphic design was completely focussed on the graphic elements of marketing, packaging, and other product materials. The advent of technology has helped brands to evolve gradually.

Creating a positive impact on the market

Thanks to the present generation of freelance graphic designers, businesses are now shifting the way and attitude needed to interact with consumers and clients. Brands have greater online exposure, and the ability to measure and analyze real-time data has improved. Sources now are able to generate more targeted traffic. Media impressions are positive, and artwork is more appealing to the audience. Good graphic design has contributed to more social media likes, shares, and comments for businesses in the market.

The booming market of freelance graphic designers

Thanks to the popularity of graphic design in the digital media market, there is a huge influx of self-taught graphic designers in this industry. These passionate graphic designers keep themselves updated with the latest trends and technology. They upgrade their skills and are creative when it comes to exercising their talent. They do not have to follow the dictates of any boss when it comes to graphic design for various marketing and promotional campaigns of business.

The role of the internet in promoting and marketing products

The Internet is the primary source of promoting and marketing brands. Several companies have invested huge amounts of money in the creation of online content. They expect positive customer feedback, business analytic, and communication from their clients. Esteemed brands use highly skilled marketing professionals to spread their business messages and invite valuable real-time feedback from their customers. With this feedback, a business can incorporate improvements in its product offerings in the market. The customer feedback also invites comments and suggestions on ways a company can improve the quality of products or services.

Ram Chary Everi adds technology today has reached its pinnacle, and this is why the Internet has been able to make a tremendous impact on lives across the globe. Graphic design is different from what it was five years ago, and its evolution has been dynamic to create positive impressions to boost targeted traffic and establish the presence of any business in the market faster!