Perks Of Using LED Post Top Light

LED post lights are a term used to describe outside lights that are generally installed on poles and are on circular and educational streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and university campuses. LED post top light is widely used in lighting areas to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

In general, multiple lights are on the same pole, and the specific installation methods vary greatly and wifely. Most of the existing LED post top light is mounted with the use of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, like high-pressure metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps or otherwise, if these get very old then mercury vapor lamps are used.


The most common advantages of LED downlights or LED top lights are:

  • Energy saving

The total wattage of LED downlights of Litelume can vary up to 106watt from the 25-watt minimum range, which usually reduces power consumption by 35% to 80% of power consumption.

  • Maintenance cost reduction

Due to the different ways in which LEDs emit light, their life spans vary greatly. After the fuel source has dropped sharply, the luminous flux produced by the LED does not drop very slowly over time, instead of stopping normal operation. The service life of LED lights can be significantly larger than HID lights, which significantly reduces the maintenance costs of carrying lights over a long period.

  • Lighting performance

For the multi-point version, the LED surface-mounted lamp usually provides a very evenly distributed light pattern. This means that when the distance to the light pole or lamp changes, the light intensity on a given surface changes less. This is in contrast to HID luminaires, which usually produce a “bright spot” directly under the luminaire, whose illuminance decreases sharply as the space between the poles increases. Also, these LED top lights have different colour temperatures, so they offer many possibilities to increase the visual aspect of “brightness.”


  • A thin, tapered, beautiful powder coating design, using high thermal conductivity materials can improve heat dissipation.
  • High light emission and better light distribution downwards in a symmetrical manner
  • Compared with traditional environmental lighting solutions, it can save energy by more than 65%.
  • These LEDs are mounted on poles.

Post top has a retro and elegant look that makes the surroundings beautiful. Specially developed diffusers can provide even light and convey a pleasant feeling. High-performance LEDs offer the best performance and a long-term service life without maintenance.