How To Update The PHP version in cPanel in HostGator?

When you have old PHP, your website is more prone to security attacks. The performance of your website also degrades considerably if you are using an older version. For the proper functioning of your website, it is very important to stay up to date. THE latest PHP enables your website to run smoothly. In case you are planning to make changes to your website in the future, the latest version will surely help you a lot. So, one should use not only the latest PHP version for the website but also make sure that the PHP version is compatible with your website’s components.

At times, your server handles PHP packages may expire and you may find difficulty in working with them. Pop-up notifications like “PHP up-gradation for WordPress” indicate that you need a new PHP version for your website. You can view and modify the PHP version on your own. Up-gradation of the old PHP version to the latest one makes sure that you are all the new and trending security patches. As soon as you upgrade the site’s PHP version, the latest security patches come into action. It increases the loading speed of your website. When you buy a hosting package, Hostgator sets a PHP version of that. The PHP version may or may not be the latest one. If it is not, you need to upgrade it. Follow the given steps to carry the upgrading process-

Steps to update your site’s PHP version in Hostgator-

Step 1: Log in to cPanel Hostgator

  • Log in to the cPanel of Hostgator. Once you login into the cPanel Hostgator account, you will see the cPanel dashboard on the screen.
  • Click on the Software button on the left–hand side menu.

Step 2: Check your current PHP version

The cPanel has several versions. Depending on the version of your cPanel, you can use PHP Selector or MultiPHP Manager to enhance your PHP version. PHP Selector is not used much in today’s time, so you should use Multi PHP Manager.

Step 3: Select and update your PHP version.

If you see MutliPHP manager there in the cPanel, follow the given instructions-

  • After clicking on MutliPHP Manager in the Software section, choose the domain that you wish to update. Select it by clicking on the box at the start of the domain.
  • Choose your desired PHP version from the drop-down list and select Apply.
  • A pop-up window will appear on the upper right corner of the screen. It will give the information that the change was successful.

If you still have a PHP Selector and can see it in your cPanel, follow the given instructions-

  • After clicking on PHP Selector in Software Section, find the website that needs the PHP update. A long list will scroll down from where you have to select your website. You have to look for the public-html folder.
  • Click on the Update button after selecting the PHP version that you wish to use. Hostgator is providing some latest PHP versions for hosting. One of them is PHP 7.4.

Step 4: Visit the website and check it.

Once the upgrading process is completed you should visit your website to check whether the task is fully completed or not. If you see any kind of loading errors or something, go back to the previous version and set the PHP version to its previous setting.

How to know what version of PHP are you using?

Sometimes, before going for the up-gradation of the PHP version, one should know what PHP version you own. At times, identifying the correct PHP version can be a challenging task. Moreover, if the PHP versions are available in.htaccess file, the task becomes more difficult as this file contains sub holders that inherit the versions of their parent directories.

To know the version of PHP, you need to create a phpinfo.php file in that directory and go through it. At the top of the page, you will get the name of

the PHP version that you own.

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This article sums all the things that you need to know before and during the upgrading process of the PHP version. Still, if you need any kind of help while following the instructions, you can contact HostGator Support for any kind of help.