Is IBM Hosting Perfect For Your Business? Find Out Here!

The IBM i operating system or also known as AS/400 is currently one of the most used by businesses these days. This ensures security for businesses and organizations that are using it. The choice to go for IBM i hosting rather than the traditional processes is becoming more popular for most companies these days.

Only Pay For What You Need

The number one reason why you should consider IBM i hosting is that you only pay for the servers that you need. Unlike other providers, Source Data Products will only provide what your company requires. This means that you are not wasting money on an oversized server. This is perfect for businesses or organizations that want to save from their expenses.

Flexible Terms

The problem with some cloud hosting providers is that they lock in their clients on a specific long-term lease. With Source Data Products, clients can choose the term that works best for them. So in case you want to upgrade since you need a larger server, it’s easier to do with Source Data Products. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why a lot of companies and organizations these days prefer to move to cloud hosting.

iSeries hosting

No Hidden Fees

Those who have chosen POWER servers are now regretting their decision because of the several extra fees that they have to endure on top of the hardware cost. This includes fees for core activation, user-based fees, as well as maintenance fees, and service extension fees. And all these can sum up to thousands of dollars and only for a single-core server.  With IBM i cloud hosting like Cloud400 from Source Data Products would be able to offer you these resources without paying extra.

Maintenance and Support

It is crucial that you are confident that you get the support and regular maintenance that you require whenever you need it. This is exactly what you get with cloud hosting from Source Data Products. With cloud hosting, you get daily backups without paying or requesting them. This means that there’s no more need to take your backups offsite or even pay another provider for this service.

Unfortunately, IBM does not have available small servers that most companies need, as Cloud400 does. That is why IBM i cloud hosting services from Source Data Products might just be the perfect choice for you. So if you want to know if this is right for your business, then read on.