Why are Silicon Mobile Covers best for your Mobile Protection?

Silicon mobile covers are one of the most popular types of mobile covers. These are extensively used by those who understand the need and use of mobile cover for mobile safety, and these are probably one of the best sellingcovers for phones.

Cover it up with a sturdy and fascinating Mobile Cover

There are multiple reasons for which people buy the Silicon Mobile Cover. Below mentioned  are the top 15 reasons why silicon mobile cover is the best, and you should opt for it:

  1. The fit

Well, of course, it is about fit. When you buy a piece of cloth, the most important thing to consider is the fit. Similarly, when you purchase a mobile cover for the phone, it is imperative to consider how it fits the phone. Silicon is flexible, and it can easily take the shape of the object you put it on. Silicon is almost rubber-like, except that it’s softer, more flexible, and does not add bulk to the phone.

  1. Appeal

The silicon mobile covers have an almost transparent look, which means that the cover does not conceal the phone’s look and keeps the phone’s aesthetic appeal intact. Silicon covers also come in prints/designs in fun colors and funky patterns, thus perfect for those who want to put on a mobile cover with a statement design.

  1. Low profile or party favorite

Silicon mobile covers can be straightforward, and they can be amusing and quirky as well. You can always carry simple silicon mobile covers with no extensive design; however, if it is a party weekend, put on the colorful mobile covers to add color to your look. These covers are convenient, and this is something we love about them.

  1. Easy to put and remove

These covers are easy to put and easy to remove. You can easily slip your phone in the cover and carry your phone around with protection that does not add to the phone’s weight.

  1. Protection

Smartphones come for a fair price. But some of them, like the iPhone 11, can rake in your month’s salary, which only heightens the importance of using a mobile cover. iPhone 11 cover made up of silicon wraps around the phone nicely and offered protection to the phone without restricting access to any part of it. Silicon is shock-absorbent; hence it can take mild impact and damages on its own.

  1. Price

The silicon mobile covers are way cheaper than metal cases, flip covers and even plastic covers. They are affordable; hence you can buy a couple of different silicon mobile covers for other purposes/occasions.

  1. Water-Resistant

Many of the silicon covers are water-resistant too. Although this is not something that all silicon covers offer, you may buy water-resistant silicon covers, if you require.

  1. Grip

Silicon mobile covers almost have an anti-slip built. They give you a good grip on the phone, and they are quite handy and comfortable to hold. Most of the iPhone 6S users buy silicon mobile covers to get a better grip on the phone.

  1. Better access to the screen

Most of the Smartphones have a touch screen user interface. If you buy a metal cover or flip cases, they do not allow easy access to the phone. Silicon covers, on the other hand, do not come between you and the interface.

  1. Heat resistant

Silicon has great thermos stability property, i.e., the cover remains stable even in temperature fluctuation. It has low thermal conductivity; it does not let heat pass through easily. Silicon covers are perfect if you are going to use your phone in hot temperatures. The metal covers become hot to touch, so does plastic, but the silicon covers remain safe to hold.

  1. Dust resistant

Earlier, the silicone mobile covers did tend to let dust accumulate on the edges. The new age silicon mobile covers are different. There are exceptional anti-dust silicone cases that repel dirt and hence keep the phone clean for use.

  1. Durability

The metal covers might break over time. Similarly, the plastic mobile covers are not easy to break, but even they might suffer wear and tear post use. However, the silicone mobile covers are such that they do not easily take on any wear, tears, and other such damages. The covers are soft to touch but have a rubbery built, making them all durable.

  1. Washable

The silicon covers are washable. If you think the cover is looking less glossy as it used to, you can wash it and use the clean, new silicon mobile cover.

  1. Easily available

If we talk of silicon mobile covers, they are readily available. Unlike selfie sticks, which are a great piece of mobile accessory but not easy to find or more elaborate mobile covers with a robust build and specific features, the silicon mobile covers are readily available. You can find such fun mobile covers in silicon online and order them at such low prices.

  1. Lightweight

The silicon mobile covers are incredibly lightweight; they do not add any weight to your phone. With phone brands coming out with lightweight phones to meet users’ demands, silicon mobile covers comply.

We hope that these reasons are enough to let you decide why you should opt for such types of covers. Don’t worry! Head to Bewakoof.com to find your pick from a vast assortment of silicone covers to make your day.