What are POS machines? Best pPOS in Singapore

What is POS?

POS stands for Point of sale and is a computerized machine that is used in place of a cash register. The POS machine does the work of reading debit/credit cards, verifying purchases, and giving the receipt of goods to the customer. However, this work may change according to the business and location. You have often seen such machines in the malls, departmental stores, petrol/diesel stations, etc.

POS terminal is a place in a shop or retail store where the customers pay for the goods that s/he bought. It is an excellent alternative, because the stores where POS Terminals are faster than a regular cashier also, POS machines are capable of doing cashless transactions. It also makes and gives receipts of purchased items to the buyer, and all this task is finished in just a few minutes.

Portable POS machines

portable pos machine singapore

Portable POS machines or mobile POS machines are often used in places where the operator has to carry it with himself or where there is no electricity available such as petrol pumps, home repair services, food trucks, etc. The price may start from $60 to $80 and can go up depending upon the model and specifications, it may be lower also. Portable POS machines for such businesses are good options for corporate gifts.

Best portable POS machines Singapore

SUNMI POS device: SUNMI device is made to fulfill different needs of your business, it delivers high-quality performance for the businesses. You can gift your clients SUNMI portable POS devices, not only this SUNMI also has desktop terminals, POS accessories such as scanners, etc. The configuration of this POS system is very simple, you can manage the device seamlessly, the contact support is very good, you can contact them online or offline they are reachable by both modes. Currently, they are serving more than 20,000 merchants in Singapore. You should visit their website and should consider giving SUNMI portable pos machine singapore to your corporate friends and clients.

Corporate gifts- Portable POS machines

Portable POS machines used in contactless payments, in the era of online/cashless payment Portable POS machines are the best option for the corporate gift to your employees, clients, if you work, is B2B you should consider giving this machine. Corporate gifting is important to establish your trust amongst the clients and employees so if your business is related to sales and selling the product to other retailers, and you are planning to give unique but great gifts to your clients you should go for PPOs (Portable Point of Sale).