Types and what kind of shoes to be used by kids

There is a lot of talk about the fact that shoes should first and foremost be comfortable and don’t have to squeeze your feet. This is especially important in the case of children, whose feet are developing. Much, however, depends not only on the footwear themselves, no less important is the choice of suitable insoles for children’s shoes.

Find out what the benefits of shoe insoles are, what types there are, and also when your child should wear orthopedic insoles kids sports shoes.

Shoe insoles: what do they offer?

Walking comfort is influenced by both footwear and correctly chosen insoles . The latter facilitate the adaptation of the shoes to the shape of the foot which, consequently, become more comfortable. In addition, the insoles can be used not only for everyday shoes, but also for sports shoes . This allows you to enjoy your favorite sports activity even during intense effort.

kids sports shoes

Types of shoe insoles

Shoe insoles for children and adults can perform a variety of additional functions. Taking into account the properties of the insoles, these accessories are divided into:

heated insoles – are invaluable in the winter. They help to maintain the right temperature of the feet, thanks to which your child will not be cold even on a frosty morning. In this case, even felt insoles will work well;

anti-sweat insoles – contain carbon fiber that binds microorganisms, absorbs bad odors and guarantees a feeling of freshness. They are ideal especially in summer and for people who suffer from excessive sweating of the feet;

insoles for sports shoes – they are light, soft and specially profiled, as a result of which they allow a better positioning of the feet in the shoes. They can also be used for touring footwear;

leather insoles – ensure optimal cushioning, are permeable to air and isolate the feet from the surface, at the same time protecting the padding of the shoes. They can be equipped with an additional layer of latex, which improves walking comfort;

gel insoles – provide support and cushioning of the feet, absorb shock, reduce pressure and eliminate pain and fatigue. They are transparent and remain invisible, so you can safely wear them even for open shoes.

Today, new technologies allow the creation of high-level materials that not only have these characteristics but, in addition, also ensure good reactivity and the right cushioning, essential qualities for a sportsman but also important for those who want to take a healthy and pleasant walk all the days.

Perspiration is another factor that should never be missing in a good pair of gym shoes shoes, especially in the height of summer. The foot must be left free to breathe as much as possible, in this way the shoe does not overheat becoming unbearable and, in addition, sweating and bad smell are reduced. A pair of breathable shoes can also be waterproof, a property, indeed, indispensable for those who do not want their feet soaked if a sudden shower breaks out.