Sleep Deprivation and Ceramic Difusers

People are becoming much more aware of their health than ever. They know which food is good for them, they’re interested in learning about how much to exercise, how to exercise, and more. An essential part of health is sleep. Just like every other machine, our body too requires rest to relax and prepare itself for the next day, this preparation is done when we sleep. If you’ve ever noticed after a bad sleep that you must be feeling very tired, not good enough to begin with the day. This is because the body did not get adequate hours for its relaxation.

Health Affects Of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can result in physical as well as mental problems. Our body required approximately 7-9 hours of sleep to function effectively. If this need is not met following health problems may arise.

  • Memory issues: The sleep time provides the brain with enough time to form new connections. These connections help us in enhancing concentration and remembering things. Sleep deprivation leads to slow processing of new information and recalling. Moreover, it also affects the short and long-term memory of the person.
  • Poor concentration and creativity: Getting proper sleep has been proven to increase the level of concentration and creativity. Sleep deprivation makes the body feel tired hence, affects concentration and creativity negatively.

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  • High blood pressure: Inadequate sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure problems by as much as 5 times.
  • Heart diseases: Due to blood pressure problems, the body is also much susceptible to heart diseases. Increased blood pressure can also lead to heart stroke
  • Weight gain: Sleep contributes to improving metabolism. If one does not sleep enough the brain chemicals signal the brain that there is a state of imbalance in the body. Hence, one can likely gain weight as a result of such lifestyle issues.
  • Weakened immunity: Inadequate sleep can make the body weaker to fight harmful bacteria and viruses. Our antibodies will not be able to function effectively.

Things to improve your sleep

Since sleep is such an important part of our body. There are various accessories available in the market to help us achieve the best sleep state. An eye mask is one of the most popular accessories to be bought for good sleep. Silk eye masks are the most comfortable thing to wear when you’re sleeping. Other products such as ceramic diffusers online are also well known to improve the quality of sleep. Tropical smelling aromatic oils and mists are proven to improve the state of sleep as well making the person feel calm and relaxed. Lastly, a good set of soft and fluffy pillows along with a comforter are the best combination to go to sleep with.