Emerald Engagement Rings

Your wedding day is one of the special days of your life and so you want to be and look stylish and elegant – after all, you are the bride! Everyone thinks differently and looks good in different outfits. So, you find it really hard to decide what to wear on your special day. Jewellery plays the most important role in enhancing your beauty, style and more importantly the confidence of the bride. There are plenty of options to choose when choosing jewellery for a wedding and the bride can often get lost when it comes to this aspect of the wedding.

Online store  engagement rings au  have long been associated with luxury, elegance and wealth. In a fashion that is similar to ruby or sapphire baubles, these rings are usually not prefered by the diamond-loving crowd, but some jewellery keen people are very well aware of what each stone is worth and what it represents.

After all, there is no reason for emeralds engagement rings to be any less popular than diamond rings. Pound for pound, an emerald can be significantly of a higher value than diamond and these stones are certainly not lacking in any of the ‘celebrity endorsements’. In fact, for centuries, a few celebrities have been seen flaunting their green-stone ornaments.

Among the earliest fans of emerald jewellery were Emperor Nero of Rome, who witnessed a gladiator match through an emerald, and Charlemagne, he was presented emeralds embedded into his armour. But the gems main claim to fame is its presence in celebrity engagement rings, which helped raise its profile among casual jewellery buyers.

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The first of these emerald engagement rings was publicly known to Grace Kelly, who received it from her boyfriend, Prince Rainier of Monaco. The elegant and sophisticated film star probably also broke the scales in terms of the carat, whose ring stone weighed 12 carats, an exotic step towards the golden age of European aristocracy and Hollywood movie stars.

More modest, but no less striking was the emerald  that belonged to Elizabeth Taylor. While not encrusted in the ring, this gem was given to the actress by Richard Burton, yet created an engagement present, which makes it worthy of this list. Another celebrity to be presented with a stunning emerald ring is Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of one of the most famous American presidents of all time. She owned a 3-carat emerald on top of her ring that perfectly complements her mysterious personality.

Recently, among the celebrities to grab public attention by opening gorgeous titanium engagement rings are Sharon Stone, whose partner presented her with a 3.5 carat emerald ring, and Halle Berry, who recently graced the red carpet wearing a green emerald ring.

Although Sapphires connection with the British Royals is quite strong, it is easy to see that the emerald rings too have enough celebrity support to make it an attractive option for couples to buy the perfect stone for their wedding jewellery.