Check out the best massage gun to buy in Australia

Massages are known to be a part of every adult’s wellness routine and it is hard to visualize a life without indulging oneself in a session. Thus, many people are investing in a massage gun instead of going to a massage therapist. A massage gun is one of the ideal ways to fix sore and tight muscles when tired. This is to release muscle tension after exercise or training. These percussion massagers are not only affordable compared to regular massage visits, but they are also easy to use and handy. Other great benefits of massage guns include improving blood circulation and preventing sports injuries all over the body.

Know what is a massage gun

The humble massage gun also known as the percussion therapy massage gun is a portable handheld device that comes in different sizes. They are mostly used for personal deep tissue massages that you can keep anywhere. Some are smaller which you can fit into smaller gym bags. Most of these recovery devices are created like guns with a protruding percussive ball at the end. That offers controlled quick pulses to the surface of the skin.

A powerful massage gun can be used to aid get rid of delayed onset muscle soreness. Lessen muscle fatigue and muscle pain and aid offset lactic acid build-up. Also, they can greatly enhance your range of flexibility and motion to better promote normal blood flow.

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What is Australia’s best massage gun?

  • Theragun Pro

The new Theragun Pro is the fourth-generation and the latest pro massage gun of the high-end offering from Therabody. You can expect an OLED display with six different foam head attachments and 300-minute battery life with five percussion speed settings. Also, Bluetooth capabilities associate the Theragun with an app that can handle speed and has simple instructions for your preferred deep tissue massage.

  • Hydragun

Hydragun is swiftly emerging as one of the ideal massage guns on the market with its captivating price point, and efficient and flexible performance. This has six-speed settings with the Hydragun and will last for a longer time. It is one of the well-known on the market, performance, well-balanced between price, and longevity.

  • Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

It provides enough power to drill the muscles with 30% more intensity when compared to the standard version. Each percussion is more powerful for those sore muscles. The T-shaped design also gives a comfortable grip and can be used in different ways.

  • Renpho R3 Mini

The Renpho R3 Mini is one of the great options for those searching for an affordable percussive massage gun. The ultra-compact body highlights a brushless motor that’s rated at 45dB. Also, it has five different speed settings from 1800 to 3200 RPM with five shaped attachment heads.