Bruce Weber Photographer Discusses Some of the Most Popular Photography Genres

The domain of photography is truly expansive. Not only is there a wide range of choices available in regard to cameras, lenses, and other equipment, photographers also may explore multiple genres and styles. Very often photographers get magnetized toward genres that are attractive to them. Bruce Weber Photographer, for instance, majorly does fashion and portrait photography. While it is not unusual for photographers to stick to one or two specific genres, they can always experiment with other styles to augment their skills.

Bruce Weber Photographer underlines a few popular photography styles and genres

Portraiture or portrait photography is among the most aesthetically appealing photography styles. It aims at capturing the mood and personality of an individual, or even a group at times. Portrait images might be full body shots, close-ups, posed, or candid. Ultimately, they have the eyes and the face of the subject in focus. The backdrop and lighting of these photographs help in conveying emotion and tone. Family portraits, senior portraits, professional headshots, and engagement photos are a few common types of portraiture. Portrait photographers try to make their clients feel adequately comfortable and relaxed, so that their expressions are natural.

People across the world love sports, and hence sports photography is undoubtedly quite prominent. By capturing the images of athletes, coaches and even fans at the right moment, sports photographers are able to depict drama, passion, and emotion that fuels sporting events. These photographers ideally aim and shoot fast to keep up with the action and buzz surrounding them. Most sports photographers use a higher ISO to shoot at a faster shutter speed. These photographers also use long, heavy lenses pretty commonly in order to zoom in on the action. Interesting angles can aid in making images stand out in this competitive genre.


Fashion photography has become extremely prominent in recent years. Bruce Weber Photographer himself has worked in this industry for years, and collaborated with several renowned fashion magazines and brands. Fashion photography essentially glamorizes and showcases clothing, accessories, and shoes to make them appear more desirable to consumers. These photos are published usually both in magazines and online. Fashion photography is not only highly lucrative but also provides ample opportunities to be creative. Fashion photographers work in a variety of settings and locations, starting from fashion shows and city streets to studios with full lighting setups and open fields. They use skills similar to portrait photographers, and have to practice good communication and team work while working with creative directors, stylists, and models.

Editorial photography is widely used to illustrate an article or story, generally for a newspaper or magazine. The subject of this photography style may vary substantially, and usually relies on the topic of the text it accompanies. Photographers generally try to capture shots that work for distinguished layouts, including vertical and horizontal compositions, when indulging in editorial photography. Editorial photographers are additionally required to work closely with art directors and writers. They should demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and good communication skills to succeed in the field.